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The Best and Worst Protein Bars at Trader Joe’s

We still prefer home-made white rice, but it’s perfect for when you’re in a bind. But while there’s much to love about Trader Joe’s, at times shopping there can get kind of chaotic, so it’s important to go in with a plan. So we found the best healthy snacks that you can buy on your next Trader Joe’s run. And because TJ’s is always introducing new foods to their shelves, we’ll be updating this story with new snacks periodically.

This protein bar was more like a wafer cookie, which tasted like a treat. If you are looking for a bar to fill you up, however, this might not be for you. I was worried that it would taste like cardboard as previous reviews had indicated, but I did not think it had that taste at all. I was very intrigued by this flavor as it sounded super delicious. While the flavor was decent, the bar itself was very dense and hard like a brick. While I typically prefer to buy foods that are organic, I make an exception for these bars because they’re so good and have such a straightforward and simple recipe.

Instead of blindly trusting what appears to have the highest protein content or a clean ingredient list, you’ll want to pay attention to other items on the nutrition label, too. Trader Joe’s is known for having a wide array of healthy options, from the frozen section to the pantry aisles. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t items that can sneak past your health radar under the guise of being protein-packed. In fact, there’s a lot more you should be looking at when picking out a protein bar, and there are a few factors that should weigh into your decision.

Featuring crunchy whole nuts and a drizzle of chocolate, this bar will definitely put your jaw to work. You won’t find these with the rest of the bars on this list—check the refrigerated section! Packed with organic superfoods and healthy fats, this bar uses whole food protein over whey or soy for a fresh and not-heavy mouthfeel.

Yet, the 18 grams of sugar makes this protein bar akin to a candy bar. With this high level of sugar and dense texture, cfa level 1 pdf I would not recommend it to others. I really enjoyed the texture of this bar – it was very soft and not dense at all.

Available in multiple flavors, the bars are all certified vegan and made with organic ingredients. In theory, they make an excellent snack — they’re a solid source of proteinand make a convenient bite to eat for the hustle and bustle of the modern day. Realistically, though, we’ve all probably tried a bar or two that tastes like straight-up chalk. What’s more, some varieties come with a hefty price tag, so if the brand you choose turns out to not meet your flavor or texture standards, it can feel like a colossal waste of your precious dollars. This is a great year for Veganuary, with many companies expanding their plant-based products, creating new vegan recipes, and highlighting vegan ingredients in honor of the 31-day challenge. Barebells has joined the throng, announcing the launch of their vegan protein bars at Trader Joe’s locations nationwide.