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The Best Criminal Justice Careers

The more experience a candidate has, the higher their earning potential. Experience and education are both key factors, but a person’s value will increase dramatically once they become well-known as a powerful negotiator. Criminologists also find a lot of personal relevance and involvement in current issues affecting society. These are folks who see a good career in research, analysis, theory development and more that’s simply not possible in the typical company R&D fields of many other employers.

High paying criminology careers provide their dividends for many in the research and study aspects that those who find a career in the field love to research and analyze. In this regard, they feel like they have high paying criminology careers in substance, even if the paycheck itself doesn’t match Las Vegas winnings. Typically, a doctoral program in Criminology lasts for three to four years if you hold a master’s degree in a relevant field. Some schools admit bachelor’s degree holders through a straight program along with a master’s diploma in the middle.

Bachelor’s in criminology programs require approximately 120 credits, which full-time students finish in four years. Some accelerated online programs offer eight-week classes throughout the year, enabling especially motivated learners to graduate in significantly less time. Criminologists must understand the major steps in law enforcement, judicial, and policymaking processes. Students learn to assess the institutions and key tasks involved at each stage of the criminal justice system. Criminologists apply this knowledge by working as program managers and freelance consultants.

In most cases, an average salary of about $71,000 per year is considered to be a fair amount. Professors who have been around for many years may expect to earn more simply because hunter gpa of their tenure. Forensic accountants and financial examiners can find work in insurance agencies, financial institutions, brokerage houses, and attorneys offices.

The average salary for this type of work ranges from $70,000 to $75,000 per year for individuals who have a few years of experience. Individuals who are just starting out but have an exemplary GPA with a degree in finances or accounting may be able to earn a modest amount, albeit somewhat less than the stated average. Individuals who remain in the field and continue to maintain their certifications and licenses may make well above the $75,000 average once they have gained several years of experience.

These aspects give an employee an edge against peers who also have similar backgrounds, experience and education. A certificate or post-graduate degree could push a candidate into a higher bracket against everyone else in the candidate pool when everything else is equal between the competitors. College professors who are able to provide a quality education to their students are always in high demand. With today’s online learning platforms, professors can teach from the college itself or from a remote location. Depending on their level of education and the amount of experience they have had in a real-world setting as well as in being a teacher, their pay will vary.