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This model has taken off in certain parts of California where necessarily, it’s kind of like a winery where you can take a winery tour and then you know you end up in a tasting room. Than that well without getting into the details you know you’re going to have to the municipality is going to have to say we don’t have an opt-in ordinance. We’re going to give you a certificate of occupancy anyway for you to go into an area that hasn’t already opted in. Employer organisation, employment agency, and insurance agency all directed for cannabis-based companies and now back to Kareena. I’m Roberta King, and I’m going to be your host, and we’re going to get started as soon as.

We just saw in Grand Rapids the other day that Skyy Vodka sued a distillery and it was grace guy yeah grey sky distillery was sued by Sky vodka. I will always go after the little guy if they find you and so and they so be very careful about that purchase. We recoup our money in one case we did one in Metro Detroit area, where essentially it had triggered an automatic purchase option come on our part. The bare minimum there that might be required for the state application, but you know going more in-depth and you know showed a well-thought-out plan and financial forecast that investor could rely on you know. We had one other question from Colleen she said is there any reason a microbe is and this might be a question for Scott.

Whether that’s the legal marketing HR or County and especially accounting because you know 280e is a nightmare as Karina will explain later and that’s probably the most significant way to get in trouble under the law. It’s not because you’re selling marijuana or violating the controlled substance act is because you didn’t do your taxes right. You know the first one is you cannot hold an interest in any other license type including another microbusiness and while there is a provision in the state statute saying magic money machine review that that may go away in a few years. You know me were I did get my hands on some of the draft licensing rules and that kind of provision saying it could go away wasn’t in there, so you know for the time being. It’s going to be a situation where you can only really have an ownership stake in one micro business and micro business only also in the first two years of the program. There are three different kinds of license types all in one, and each of those license types is subject to the state rules.

You are going to write a strategy statement, and that’s how you’re going to accomplish all of this communication work and then after you’ve done this all this work. It includes creating a name for your business, and I encourage people to try something to find original appropriate and memorable to make sure that it does not belong to another company. Where you know, we’ll have a group of just pure real estate investors come in, and if they are you know, they do believe or think that.

When you work on your social equity plan to make it fit your business the way you see it, and I think one of the things that. It’s, and it’s not just standard improvements, so you may be able to you know let’s take an advanced caregiver growing space. As an example, you know all those components are still going to need to be there to support cultivation the causation side of the microbusiness. Again, you’re necessarily going to have to step it up a level to make sure that you’re compliant as well from what the state regulatory requirements are.

You want to maximise your yields and limit your disruptions and also, of course, work with reliable partners and business consultants. You know one thing that’s different under the micro business and kind of the MRT MA generally is that there are no capitalisation requirements. So they’re consumer pretty much do everything you want it to do other than testing, and there is the ability to have a consumption lounge next to it potentially. I saw that there was a question on that so I’ll just very briefly address that so that that is something. You’re looking to run call up the municipality and ask them you know if they have an ordinance in place allowing micro-businesses and then just, in general, the licensing.