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This Old Tony Youtube Stats & Channel Analysis

YouTube machinist and project video comic, This Old Tony, is at it again. In this video, he uses some steel stock, rod, and ball bearings to machine a beautiful little hand vise, bench clamp. He’s not sure what to call it.

The Everyday Astronaut is one of the popular YouTube channels that features videos about space exploration, rocket science, and all… Lesics, founded by Sabin Mathew, aims to provide quality engineering videos we love. Their videos cover everything from clearing up misconceptions, to explaining complicated technology in a simple way. The reason we love Lesics videos is that they are able to present the so-called… ElectroBOOM is run by Mehdi Sadaghdar and Iranian-Canadian YouTuber, electrical engineer, and comedian.

Ebbco is a YouTube channel that provides educational content related to fabrication and machine engineering. The channel shares its knowledge and skills around machining and engineering tools with its what happened to the duncan duo dedicated community in a fun and engaging way. The channel covers a wide range of topics, from beginner-friendly… Lastly, the YouTube machine is ruthless and you bet there’s some ego involved.

Veritasium has a great mix of science and engineering videos – featuring everything from experiments, interviews, demos, and discussions about everything science. Veritasium is run by Derek Alexander Muller who is an Australian-Canadian science communicator, filmmaker, and inventor. In January 2011, Muller created the educational science channel…

Simone love of “useless” inventions came after studying at Stockholm, where she was inspired by the local open-source hardware community. This has evolved into one of the biggest YouTube robotics channels that showcases her inspiring… We would argue that ‘engineerguy’ Bill Hammack’s video on the ingenious design of the aluminum drinks can is one of the finest Engineering videos on Youtube. Bill produces clear, accessible, but technically accurate videos and they are entertaining and interesting enough to really resonate with the next… The Signal Path video blog was created back in May of 2011 and has focused on producing the type of content which is either difficult to find or difficult to learn. This isn’t necessarily for beginners but it is an invaluable resource Much of modern human communication…

You all will be in my prayers.