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TikTok Becomes the First Non-Facebook Mobile App to Reach 3 Billion Downloads Globally

Popular apps such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram have integrated similar features into their platforms, hoping to appeal to new and existing users. To stay competitive, ByteDance will undoubtedly continue to innovate and build out the creator ecosystem on TikTok. Quercus Group is a technology company with a unique service last text music video offering that provides end-to-end strategic consulting and managed services within the financial industry. Platinum Group is a global technology consultancy dedicated to delivering high-impact project and people-based services to major financial institutions across the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

Working as a cohesive team Openbox’s Technical, Analysis and Customer experts have collaborated to offer customers a means to break away from traditional ways of working, transformed delivery methods to ensure market leading customer experiences with cutting edge architecture, and ultimately saved over £3million to date. In Q2 2021, TikTok saw its greatest quarter-over-quarter growth in consumer spending since Q2 2020, climbing 39 percent to $534.6 million from $384.7 million in the previous quarter. TikTok was the most downloaded and highest grossing non-game app globally in the first half of 2021, reaching nearly 383 million first-time installs and an estimated $919.2 million in consumer spending. Although new downloads of the app were down 38 percent year-over-year from nearly 619 million in 1H 2020—a decline partially attributable to its removal from India’s app stores—consumer spending in TikTok was up 73 percent from $530.2 million in the year-ago period. ByteDance’s TikTok had an eventful 2020, setting new records and thriving despite threats of government bans in more than one country. Although the app was removed from India, its biggest market, TikTok’s popularity in the rest of the world has continued growing.

Driving home this fact, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals that the app—including the iOS version of its Chinese release, Douyin, and excluding third-party Android marketplaces—has now passed 3 billion installs globally from across the App Store and Google Play. As a team they have worked with some of the market leaders across the Finance industry, and have helped them to get the best out of each customer experience. The business was founded with one goal in mind, for the founders and their team to use their depth of experience across Microsoft technologies to help their clients to achieve their goals. They are proud to have some of the best individuals in the industry working within the BGC family, and each member of their team has a wealth of experience and proven track record of delivering results to the highest standards. They are well versed in working with businesses who suffer from “analysis paralysis” and entrenched thinking that can lead to poor responsiveness to the market, and ultimately a lack of agility. Sensor Tower data reveals that TikTok has now surpassed 3 billion installs globally, the first non-Facebook app to do so.