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Top Companies Hiring for Writer Jobs in Optional Nairobi , Optional Kenya

Our team is made up of expert online writers who have had expansive experience in writing. We therefore understand your needs, challenges as well as your insecurities. Remember that this is NOT another one of those writing gigs where you go online to research a topic and write an article that you wouldn’t even read yourself. If you ever heard of some companies delaying payments to their employees, it is not the case with us. Every freelance writer gets detailed information on his or her earnings and knows the date of payment delivery.

We very occasionally re-publish articles if we think they are particularly brilliant and that we will be bringing them to a completely new audience. We cover all kinds of topics including politics, social issues, economics, development, gender, the environment and culture. However, we’re not interested in articles just generally about a topic. We want original angles into interesting subject matters, stories, arguments, though-provoking analysis . WriterBay.com is one of the best freelance writing companies on the web.

We accept high-quality posts that help our audience learn about the CDP market, its vendors, applications, use cases, and related technologies and tools. All writers will receive a byline and the ability to showcase their industry knowledge to other insider pros. Because of the grammar issue mentioned above, many writing companies undervalue ESL writers and pay them less even when they complete quality papers.

As we focus on delivering quality work, we hire people with experience in writing, flawless grammar, and creative skills at a high level. In order to distribute authentic content, is looking for creative and motivated contributing writers. Professional writing experience is not required but would be nice. The only requirements are a passion for our unique and thriving area and an ability to write interesting, fundamentally sound content that is positive and light. Do you want your articles to be included in our online magazine? Then send us an email right immediately with your non-plagiarized article, and we’ll publish it on our website for life.

Please take care to submit your best work, as the writing sample is an important factor that helps us choose our writers. If you’re not comfortable with the random topic we’ve selected, you can request a different one. We are a not for profit organization so our commissioning budget is small. Payments discussion is done with each writer after a pitch has been approved for commissioning.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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You will need to get a pass rate of 80% to be considered for writing on Constant Content. It’s easy to register as a writer and create your account. You’ll need to fill in the writer registration form, answer a few questions and have a payment account to get started with Constant Content.

A captivating title is something that will entice people to read the material. To increase views, make the title appealing and relevant. 2 – Links that add value to the material can be included anywhere in the article. Even if it is on another website, the only requirement is that it be of great quality. 1 – Your blog’s material should have at least one internal link to make the data easily accessible.

Reverb Time Magazine is a product of Wispaz Technologies. Have you been looking for a high-ranking website where you might submit a guest post? Please note that Stripe is only for writers based in the U.S or has a U.S bank account. We are unable to transfer funds to non-U.S accounts from Stripe at this moment. Our Fast-Track Application Package is a premium service for those who need to submit their application in time with their deadlines.

Embassy in Kenya, and places special emphasis on democracy, governance, human rights and economic issues. The Public Affairs Office maintains a state-of-the-art Information Resource Center at its facilities. Similarly, we guarantee our writers appropriate professional experience and treatment.