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Top Wireless Technology Companies by CIOReview CIOReview magazine

Qualcomm India Private Limited is a Wireless, Information Technology And Services company and has headquarters in . Iram Technologies Private Limited is a Wireless, Internet Of Things company and has headquarters in Karnataka, Bangalore. Verity Technologies is a Wireless company and has headquarters in Karnataka, Bangalore. Letsgomo is a Wireless, Website Development company and has headquarters in Haryana, Gurgaon. Cutting Chai Technologies Private Limited is a Wireless company and has headquarters in Maharashtra, Mumbai.

A company known for its semiconductor designs, HiSilicon has a history spanning almost 20 years. Established in 1991, the company served as ASIC Design Center for Huawei. The company was originally a part of Huawei but became independent in 2004 and has since evolved into a world-class chip design company.

Verizon Communications is a holding company that provides communications, information, and entertainment products and services. AT&T is a holding company that provides communications and digital entertainment services globally. Wireless is an umbrella term for many different industry sectors. Under this term, there are telecom companies, broadband service providers, IoT solution providers, and others. Basically, any company that offers wireless products and services.

Modernize macro cell sites to expand capacity and support LTE and 5G deployments and wireless backhaul. Expand your network footprint and performance with flexible FTTX approaches. Utilize tools and accessories that make indoor and outdoor installations and maintenance quick and easy.

In addition to their strong design capabilities, Sanechips’ RoseFinch7100 is a specially designed NB-IoT chip. Its sleep power is just 2uA, which accounts for about 16% of the total power consumption. The chip has an ultra-low power footprint, and is compatible with cartersville jewelry exchange various protocols and standards. The company’s RoseFinch7100 chip supports R14 full band and cloud-chip security performance. Its low power consumption makes it a popular choice for applications ranging from smart appliances to smart cities and agriculture.

The Chinese mobile chip designer Unisoc does not have its manufacturing plant, and instead contracts out production. As a result, Unisoc is behind its peers in certain technologies. This wireless company of India focuses on bringing innovative solutions in the Wireless space. Using well-defined and predictable engineering methods with deep research, the team at BigCat Wireless translates these innovations to actionable and profitable solutions. Onehop Networks is a small-sized wireless company in India, based out of Bengaluru. They provide a host of wireless and virtual solutions like the following.