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Tracking a shipment in SendPro Online or PitneyShip

Not sure what mail class to choose? Stamps.com will help you select the best mail class based on price and delivery time. With Stamps.com, anything you can do at the Post Office you can do right from your desk 24/7. No more wasting valuable time you could be using to grow your business.

Give your customers the ability to enter their own orders, manage them, get PODs or see invoices, get order reports, or print shipping labels using Web-Pak. You’ll get your own Branded web portal that is highly customizable for each of your different clients and can be set to behave differently on demand. Ultra simple, or highly sophisticated. They will be able to update all information related to the delivery, update the order status, get directions on addresses, GPS directions, and interact with digital maps for further instructions. Even continuing to work even when networks are out of reach with our signature off-line mode, recording changes while the internet is not available. It allows the configured driver to receive, track and update orders in the field, in real-time.

SendPro Desktop and Networked SendPro Kits round out the current portfolio of SendPro products. With scales, label printers and the SendPro software, each SendPro Kit delivers sending simplicity to any small office or desktop. Carrier Logistics’ FACTS™, the premier transportation management system for asset based trucking companies, has all of the solutions to run your operations. Whether you have a single terminal or a nationwide network, FACTS™ will streamline processes, provide customer visibility, save money, and boost productivity. Reveal patterns and trends in your data that may otherwise be impossible to see.

SendPro is designed to remove shipping’s many complexities, with a seamless, efficient, cost-effective, all-in-one solution. The shipper is listed as “facebook claim a page Online” but that’s just the shipping software/hardware used to create labels and whatnot. Click the “Log This Package In” button and it’s programmed into the system!

To email the tracking number when you print the label, select the Email the tracking number box and enter the email address. IDS’s Advanced Dispatching System has you covered. From courier and on-demand work, to pharmaceutical and medical deliveries, distribution and last mile, to returns and reverse logistics. With over 15 years of real-world experience.