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Triaging a Malicious Docker Container

Binwalk happens to ship with some extraction utilities built-in, so let’s run it again with the -e -M flags (-efor extract,-Mfor “Matroyshka” or recursive extract). We found a total of 30 such accounts that were compromised, the credentials for which were being leaked. The registries for these were DockerHub and Alibaba Cloud Container Registry. While we have acquired this information and have access to the aforementioned credentials that might have been abused by TeamTNT, we did not access these credentials unauthorized. We have also informed Docker about these accounts and are working with them to resolve the matter.

This article covers what it is and how it can be applied to any organization. Automated testing is often blocked due to some well-known issues, especially in a microservices architecture. API and service simulators can eliminate five common issues that block test automation.

Also, the samples were well-written and organized by function with descriptive names. While there have been a number of malware campaigns targeting Docker and Kubernetes systems, and attacks looking for hard-coded or forgotten credentials, this AWS-specific functionality is new, said Cado Security. Firewall rules can limit access to Docker APIs, and it is safer to whitelist systems that should be allowed access.

All your Docker containers need to run on Linux, and this is where they run. Docker Desktop does this fairly magically and transparently, so unless you know where to look, you’d never know. We use this to our advantage, and hide malware within the VM that the user may not even know they have. Propagation mechanism.Unit 42 exposes TeamTNT’s malicious activities time after time.

Emerging in July 2007, it was used to steal data from the United States Department of Transportation. The next part of this tutorial on what is a botnet will acquaint you with the famous botnets of all time. A botnet architecture thilagar movie review has developed over a while for improved working and slimmer chances of getting traced. As seen previously, once it infects the desired number of devices, the botmaster takes control of the bots using two different approaches.

The execution of the main module continues with making sure that the /tmp directory is mounted and configured to allow execution of the files within it. Defenders need to be constantly vigilant and monitor the behavior of systems within their network. Infosec Insider content is written by a trusted community of Threatpost cybersecurity subject matter experts. Each contribution has a goal of bringing a unique voice to important cybersecurity topics.

In enabling the shell, we make com.docker.vpnkit also listen on a localhost port. This is not something the binary normally does, and so it’s a risk tradeoff to enable the localhost shell. The backdoor can be installed at installation time , but can also be installed from within the Service Container, since we have write access to the com.docker.vpnkit binary.

Overwriting the runc binary gives us a shell in a Docker container within a VM on the user’s machine. This post explores using the already-installed but often-unnoticed Docker Desktop VM to hide malware on macOS. We develop a technique for stealthily installing the malware, then explore how much access to the host we can get from within the VM . Our technique’s advantage is that the VM is already installed on the user’s machine, and it’s also shared with the user’s legitimate Docker containers, so there’s plenty of activity to blend in with. It is difficult to say what the VM is “supposed” to do, since it is supposed to run arbitrary Docker containers, which can do anything.