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Tuition and Fees Seattle Pacific University

For meals, students residing in Traditional and suite-style residence halls must purchase a Quarterly Block Plan, valid through each quarter. These plans range 4jnet how to buy from 1,742 USD per quarter to 2,018 USD per quarter. After receiving the financial aid, the net price for 4 years of attending the school is $75,596.

For some institutions the # of students by living arrangement will be known, but dollar amounts will not be known. In this case the # of students with no corresponding dollar amount will be excluded from the denominator. Seattle Pacific University is a christian-based private college which may turn some heads away.

There’s a reason why I spiraled into a deep depression here, just saying. Covered by family savings, work or private student loans which you will have to repay. Depending on many factors including student and parent income and assets, the total cost of attendance may be less than the $64,644 published price if scholarship or grant aid is made available to you. The cost of attending the university for one year includes the tuition and living expenses and the table below can help the aspiring students to work outfinancial estimates to study in the USA.

The reported price per credit hour and estimated cost for one class at Seattle Pacific University are as follows. Per credit costs are for reference only as many schools will not allow students to pay by credit hour. The department of education defines graduation rate as the percentage of full-time, first-time students who received a degree or award within 150% of “normal time” to completion.

You may not have to pay the full sticker price if you get financial aid or scholarships. Additionally, 0% of graduates did not report their race. Graduation rate is defined as the percentage of full-time, first-time students who received a degree or award within a specific percentage of “normal time” to completion for their program.

Official transcripts, Standardized test scores, financial worthiness are few prerequisites to be submitted with online application. ForMBA in the USAoffered by the universityGMAT scoresand working experience are also required. The cost to attend the institution for one year is approximately 57,500 USD.

Use the calculators below to formulate a college savings plan for Seattle Pacific University or model a student loan. If you end up on the “five year plan” and need an additional year to graduate, your five year cost could be as high as $323,220 or $120,755 using an average net price. When considering ability to pay for college, the annual cost is often discussed but it’s the “all in” multi-year degree cost which matters in the end.

The actual costs may differ from the estimation based on the school or university system’s tuition policy. In 2020, 1,204 degrees were awarded across all undergraduate and graduate programs at Seattle Pacific University. 69.1% of these degrees were awarded to women, and 30.9% awarded men. The most common race/ethnicity group of degree recipients was white , 6.17 times more than then the next closest race/ethnicity group, asian . Seattle Pacific University is a private college, and even with scholarships and financial assistance I am still paying a fairly significant sum, and hold a part-time job to offset this.

As college prices tend to fluctuate from year to year, we have also provided information about tuition trends. While rising prices are an unfortunate norm, greatly varying tuition rates should raise a red flag. Many students need additional time to complete their degrees, so the possibility of higher pricing should be taken into account before committing to a school.