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Two Seam Fastball Sinker Grip

I say “allegedly” because some pitchers throw their two seamer a couple miles per hour slower than their two seamer but many throw both pitches just as hard. The index and middle fingers are now placed in line with the seams with the thumb, again, being placed underneath. Similarly, Sawamura’s 2-seam fastball bucket 12 inch softballs can also considered to be a Shuuto due to its similar breaking action and the fact that both pitches has essentially identical grip. In this case, you will hold the ball so that the seams form a “U”. Using your index and middle fingers, you grip the ball on the two seams at the top of the “U”.

The movements of a baseball rely on the seams as they travel through the air. Take a look at the picture below to get a good understanding of each fastballs movement as it crosses the plate. It was discovered that the seams that rise off of the baseball affect the way the ball rolls off the pitcher’s fingers. When a pitcher throws a two-seam fastball, the raised seam gives the pitcher more leverage to throw the ball off of their fingers. The four-seam fastball grip does not provide the same raised seam as the two-seam fastball grip and does not follow the same trajectory. Lastly, I did mention earlier that the 2 seam fastball has recently fallen out of favor in the professional ranks as batters have adjusted to it.

As you grip the ball, place more pressure with your index finger. Two-seam fastballs are especially useful for pitchers who lack the raw velocity to overpower hitters. The movement and deception on the pitch, coupled with its speed, can often make up for that slight dip in velocity. The velocity of this pitch also varies greatly from pitcher to pitcher. At the major collegiate level and higher, two-seam fastballs are typically thrown in the low 90s , but with much variation. The idea of four-seam fastballs is speed, and it isn’t thrown to trick the batter.

The other variable for movement will be how much you choke the ball in your hand. Our aim is to provide our expertise on everything you need to know when buying baseball & softball equipment. We’ll provide in-depth equipment reviews, new product announcements, useful tips & tricks and a whole lot more. Slower than a fastball, but thrown with the same arm motion. The two seams appear to the hitter as two near-vertical lines.

The con, or hard part, about using the two-seamer is that it can be hard to spot in the strike zone. The arm movement of the four-seam fastball is a simple, normal pitch. It does not require the snapping of the wrist or a twist of the arm. Hold the ball so that the seams form what looks like a backward C – or a sideways horseshoe. Using your index and middle fingers grip the top of the “C”.

I think the riser or ‘rise ball’ is a pitch in softball. I’m sitting here with my 10 year old son chatting baseball. (I’m the mom!) I’ve played softball much of my life, so my baseball IQ is higher than that of most girls, but I still get hung up on some things that are different. Usually thrown very slow, and used on almost every pitch.