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U S. Will Plant One Billion Trees to Combat Climate Change Smart News

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The company also functions as a bridge between rich companies who want to buycarbon offsetsbut don’t know how, and climate and forestry organisations who could use the funding from carbon offsets but don’t have the contacts. Despite the Covid pandemic, in six months they had successfully planted 1,900 trees, working at five times the usual rate. “For decades people knew tree planting was the solution but they were chronically underfunded and no one listened to them,” Mr Wong said. Mr Wong, now a married father in his 40s with an estimated multi-million dollar fortune, read an academic paper on mass reforestation as the “primary and default way to save the planet from climate change”. In other parts of the world, tree-planting projects didn’t just fail, but also harmed existing ecosystems or ways of life.

If no one is assessing the progress a charity makes in reaching its targets, the chances are not making positive change. Over a kitchen table, in 1972, a group of friends birthed the largest UK woodland conservatory charity named the Woodland Trust. Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, the Woodland Trust has offices all across the UK and Scotland with over 500,000 members and supporters, all in the plight of saving the woods. Originally known as Men of Trees, the International Tree Foundation was established in 1992 by the first global conservationist Richard ‘St Barbe’ Barker. Based in the United Kingdom, the non-profit has inspired and fuelled the global environmental and reforestation movement for years. You may have noticed that Impactful Ninja is all about providing helpful information to make a positive impact on the world and society.

In 2019, he founded Terraformation, with the aim to help reforest 3bn acres of degraded land around the world – an area bigger than the US – which Wong estimates could hold a trillion trees. He believes these forests could absorb enough CO2 to halt global heating. Now, with more federal resources and funding via the REPLANT Act and the Bipartisan coolest ninja weapons Infrastructure Law, the USDA’s Forest Service plans to close the gap. To do so, the federal agency will need to hire more people, source and collect more seeds and expand its nursery capacity to grow four times more seedlings. To help revitalize millions of acres of burned and damaged forests across the American West, the U.S.