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UC Irvine Boot Camp: Find Top Courses & Training Locations

Applicants do not need prior experience to enroll, but once admitted, all students will complete a pre-course tutorial. UC Irvine Boot Camps are designed for working professionals and individuals who are actively pursuing a career change or advancement or looking to gain a new skill set. The data curriculum includes programming in Excel, Python, R programming, JavaScript charting, HTML/CSS, API interactions, SQL, Tableau, fundamental statistics, machine learning, and more. Enjoy close collaboration with other professionals while receiving hands-on experience. Similarly, Divergence Academy has part-time and full-time data science courses. Or, you can consider K2 Data Science and 365 Data Science, which are part-time, online programs.

When we started our online journey we did not have a clue about coding or building web pages, probably just like you. We’ll match you to the perfect bootcamp for your location, budget, and future career. Many of the students who start this program have never seen code before and aren’t always the most computer savvy. Irvine has become a tech powerhouse, attracting top startups like JetSuite, Cylance, Acorns, Alteryx, and Cylance. The city sits 40 miles outside of Los Angeles and has earned the nickname City of Innovation. While people may focus on Silicon Valley, this growing city has become Orange County’s tech hub.

Classes will continue to be delivered with the same number of class lectures and office hours as planned. In addition, we are working on a revamped way to keep up engagement and support, with additional resources, for all students. Thank you for choosing our program to further develop your current skillset. Like you mentioned, your studies did transition online for the health and safety of all students.

Therefore, most bootcamps accept learners of all experience levels. Many organizations seek technology project managers with educational experience from bootcamps or degrees. You can also gain experience as an information technology specialist to move up the ladder into a leadership role.

There are dozens of similar cybersecurity bootcamps offered across the country or online. The time to complete most of them will fall between these two examples. A boot camp’s curriculum often places a heavy emphasis on imparting marketable technical uci coding bootcamp skills. The bootcamp’s live online learning model caters to students in need of flexible schedules, but who still want the benefits of “face-to-face” instruction. Part-time options run for 18 or 24 weeks, and full-time programs take 12 weeks.