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University of Hartford Tuition & Fees, Net Price

The university comprises of 4800 undergraduates and 2000 graduates representing 50 states and 51 countries. International students can pursue undergraduate, graduate, professional certificate and diploma programs at The University of Hartford. Through 7 different schools, the university offers programs in arts, humanities, engineering and technology, health, education and business.

The school charges an additional fees of $3,070 in addition to tuition bringing the total effective in-state tuition to $43,560. Household income is the combined income of all people living in the same home. It is an important factor for colleges when determining an individual’s net price. Based on average xfinity internet quiz net price, earnings potential, student and alumni reviews, and additional factors. Direct costs are charges that are assessed and billed by the Bursar’s Office based on a student’s enrollment and housing status. Alcohol is a complete no-no for students of legal age at the University of Hartford.

However, if you can get into a better school, with a better reputation and lower price, this can really make a big difference in your life. To determine the value of University of Hartford, we’re going to rely on reputable ranking lists. These consider factors like reputation, student selectivity, income after graduating, and more to determine the value of a school. As an example, a family that brings home $80,000 in income before taxes, with no assets and no other children in college, has an EFC of around $7,000. This is the amount the government thinks that family can reasonably pay, and the school will have to step in and cover the rest. The average private loan amount at University of Hartford is $17552.

University of Hartford as it aims to address the challenges in the communities and the region. Undergraduate and graduate students gain practical and theoretical experience under the guidance of mentors and research partners globally. The students can also travel in a private car or use other public transportation facilities like cars, trams, buses, trains, etc. Choose the type of programmes like full or part-time undergraduate and graduate programmes. The students must apply on the application portal with personal details like name, age, country of origin, etc.

Students from all income levels are considered for and receive University of Hartford grants and scholarships. To better understand the financial committed to attend the University of Hartford, we established an estimated total cost of attendance. Below are two tables that break down the estimated direct and indirect expenses by semester and year.

They’re the least preferable form of financial aid because they have higher interest rates and cost students the most money in the long run. The Architectural Design + Technology program at University of Hartford is a rigorous academic program that prepares you for a variety of careers in architecture and the construction industry. In the previous year, more than 500 international students from over 60 countries enrolled themselves at the University of Hartford for various undergraduate and graduate programs.