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UNT & the Green Brigade Welcomes the Spirit of Houston!

I can’t see them stopping King that often. 2 Green Brigaders told me at NY Sub Hub hours before the game that the UH Band would combine with the GB for both the pregame & half time show albeit they didn’t. They were both superb for the half time show.

Ok, we shouldn’t have lost by 33 – it was ugly and embarrassing BUT it was also not the end of the world. They were hitting 3’s early in the 1st half, then banging down low. Saw some TXST fans, and we were in good spirts. Obviously a big game and a chance for the Bobcats to make some noise on the national level tonight but going to be a tough one.

Cats currently 18.5 point underdogs on the road. And if you’ll remember this Cougars team made the Final 4 last year. UH are down a couple guys though I hear, one of which averages about 10 PPG.

And so we’ll continue to get what we always get. Our season ending in conference play every year . I was too optimistic with my previous post, this team sucks just like the football team. Archived database for all college football divisions. Last year of this data collection is 2015.

Off TopicTime to talk everything that doesn’t fit in the other forums. One of the things I hate about our “soft” OOC, we go into conference play with plenty of questions surrounding this team, and no real feel for how good we may or may not be. I hope that we’ll be in the running for a conference title . Too much still unknown about this team, but as conference play is just around the corner, we’re going to find out pretty fast where we stand.

Be respectful instead of rude because one day you may also be fighting to be relevant. The highlight of the night was for sure the halftime band performances. Terrible night on the field, but great night for both politically. With the confidence of teammates and the coaching staff, O’Korn could get his chance to command the offense this week. CSNbbs is an independent fan site and is in no way affiliated to the NCAA or any of the schools and conferences it represents. Welcome to Maroon & Golden’s forum.

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