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Updating your dependencies for M1 Macs and CI CD Codemagic Blog

It uses a very simple language that allows you to describe your automation jobs in a way that approaches plain English. Ansible works on Linux (Red Hat EnterPrise Linux and Ubuntu) and Microsoft Windows. Anthos is a modern application management platform that provides a consistent development and operations experience for cloud and on-premises environments. Okra is a virtualization layer created for Mac build infrastructure, Orka allows you to orchestrate macOS in a cloud environment using Kubernetes on genuine Apple hardware. Docker Engine is a container runtime that runs on various Linux and Windows Server operating systems. Docker creates simple tooling and a universal packaging approach that bundles up all application dependencies inside a container which is then run on Docker Engine.

Moonlight Game Streaming is a program that let you stream from your PC games over the Internet with no configuration required. Stream from almost any device, whether you’re in another room or miles away from your gaming rig. Sunshine is a Game stream host for Moonlight that is a self-hosted, low latency, cloud gaming solution with support for AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA GPUs.

If you want Flutter to use a different installation of the Android SDK, you must set the ANDROID_SDK_ROOT environment variable to that installation directory. Take care with the contents of /usr/local/bin — you may have tools there that were not installed by Homebrew, or were installed by Homebrew but with fixed puerto rico local beer install locations. For instance, my command line tools imageprep, pdfmaker and utitool continue to install into /usr/local/bin even when installed by M1-native Homebrew and even though they contain native ARM64 code. Ruby is a dynamic, high-level programming language that focuses on simplicity and productivity.

OpenShot is an open-source video editing tool that’s designed for users new in the editing environment. It has simple features such as a simple drag-and-drop function, it provides an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn user interface. The powerful video editor offers tons of efficient ways to cut and trim down your videos. You can freely utilize the unlimited tracks, video effects engine, title editor, 3D animations, slow motion, and time effects. It supports commonly used video codecs that are supported by FFmpeg like WebM , AVCHD , HEVC and audio codecs like mp3 and aac . The program can render MPEG4, ogv, Blu-ray and DVD video, and Full HD videos for uploading to the internet video websites like YouTube.

Though, many parts of Swift will be familiar to developers from their experience of developing in C and Objective-C. Sketch is a professional vector graphics app with a beautiful UI and powerful toolset. OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high performance subdivision surface evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. This codepath is optimized for drawing deforming subdivs with static topology at interactive framerates.

XGBoost is an optimized distributed gradient boosting library designed to be highly efficient, flexible and portable. It implements machine learning algorithms under the Gradient Boosting framework. XGBoost provides a parallel tree boosting that solve many data science problems in a fast and accurate way.