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US Patent for Pitching machine and methods of use Patent Patent # 10,967,239 issued April 6, 2021

The drive mechanism 34 can be those drive mechanisms known in the art, including various types of motors that can run off AC power, DC power, or both, as desired. For example, in a sport such as football, tennis, soccer, cricket, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and softball, machines are used to launch or throw a ball toward a player to facilitate or simulate the movement of that ball as it would typically occur during the playing of that sport. For example, in tennis, tennis ball machines are used to send balls to players during practice so they can work on their game techniques. In American football, football throwing machines are used to simulate either a quarterback’s throw to allow receivers to practice catching the ball. This general concept of using machines to simulate the movement of a ball permeates most sports. A pitching machine automatically pitches a softball, baseball, tennis ball, etc. to a batter at different styles and speeds.

This program takes digital inputs from the switches shown in FIG. 7 and controls the multiple LEDs also shown in FIG. 7 to create a display indicating pitch speed, spin direction, and spin amount.

You can use Statcast, Rapsodo or HitTrax data to exactly replicate any pitch. 8 provides an exemplary view of baseball motion and rotation during a pitch. I know there’s a lot of debate around practicing with a pitching machine.

And it helps create pitches like screwballs, sliders, fastballs, and curveballs. Parents can now take their young athletes to their backyard or park and set up the versatile Pro Command and observe them average softball pitching speed get better at throwing strikes. Pro Command is the perfect tool to give your child instant feedback on what’s most important to his team, and that’s a pitcher they can rely on to throw strikes.

You’re not just stuck with using regulation baseballs once you get this machine. So, you don’t have to spend any extra bucks even when you have players of two different sports. The point is – if you’re not using the batting tee to hone your swings, you should definitely look into a pitching machine. Even if you have a batting tee, getting a pitching machine can be both entertaining for your players and helpful for improving their swing mechanics. Because if you have one at your home, your little soon-to-be baseball rockstar can put some extra training hours in that others can’t.