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Usain Bolt grinds on half-naked women in Trinidad carnival वनइंडिया हिन्दी

The world’s fastest man’s ex-girlfriend Megan Edwards — a Jamaican runner herself — has posed nude to celebrate the road to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. She finally fell for the sporting legend’s charms after he got the aide to try for a second time as she was preparing to hop in a taxi home outside of the nightclub at 5am. To see more photos of Edwards and Olympic athletes posing nude, click here. new year’s traditions in spanish speaking countries Creating a party vibe in central London, they danced down the long red carpet at the carnival-inspired premiere. The following evening he partied in the capital and was spotted leading two women into his hotel. The pair shared one last snog before she disappeared from the Athlete’s Village around 10am and he promised to arrange a second date during the Paralympics, which start on September 7.

Afterwards Bolt stuck on his black running shorts in bed, added her on social networking site Instagram and took her through some of his photos of his success in Rio on his profile. “I felt honoured he had picked me – I could not quite believe it. I was a bit scared but he was a fun guy and I enjoyed being next to him. We spent most of the time kissing.” Romance almost stalled after the Jamaican — who has a girlfriend — whisked her back to his room in the Athlete’s Village by BUS, but he wooed her by dancing naked in the shower to Rihanna. Prior to the Opening Ceremony, he and his Jamaica team mates were put up in a low-cost hotel close to Galeo International airport, where rooms go for as little as $136 a night.

The pair, along with two of Bolts pals, travelled for 30 minutes in the taxi before arriving in Rio’s huge Athlete’s Village complex. But Jady told how he pulled up his top to reveal his six pack to try and lure her over in the club. Lightening Bolt, dressed in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and Jamaican cap, sent a security guard to try and tempt her into his booth, but she rejected his advances as she didn’t recognise the sprinter. She had gone with another pal to All In at 1am, where the party girl knocked back vodka and Redbull in a VIP booth. “He has a really muscly body and took his time — he is a fast runner but he didn’t want to rush when we went to bed.

Sign up for exclusive newsletters, comment on stories, enter competitions and attend events. The record-breaking runner was also joined by his family at the glitzy world premiere of Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner’s brand new film. Caused a stir as he arrived for the premiere of his new documentary with a group of nearly-nude dancers. On Sunday night Bolt ditched the Olympic’s Closing a Ceremony and boarded a flight to London. Bolt gave the single beauty, who has the initial ‘W’ — of her first boyfriend — tattooed on her bum, 100 Euros for a taxi and walked her to the lift in his building. “We could not understand each other very well, but I realised it was her. He was on the phone for about two minutes and then we got straight back to the action.

“I felt honoured that he had picked me out and we had a great time. He was really good fun. I had no idea he had a girlfriend — I didn’t even recognise him in the nightclub.” A twenty-year-old student from Rio has shared photos of what appear to be her with Usain Bolt after a wild night of partying on the final weekend of the Olympics. The nine-time Olympic champ was celebrating his 30th birthday with his Jamaican teammates on Saturday night at the exclusive All In club, in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio. The superstar athlete — who has a long-term girlfriend — posed for selfies with fans at the Caesar’s Army AM Bush party.