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Did you just recently find out that bowling balls have serial numbers? You’re one of many – most people don’t even notice them. Olson said his thoughts went to his three curious young children when he first found the balls. He called Brunswick Bowling Products, the manufacturer of the balls, and inquired about the possibility of toxicity. Olson sent in photos, and after looking up the serial numbers on the balls, the company established that they were manufactured in the 1950s and that they were safe to throw away. After a former Ebonite employee made public comments on this matter, USBC conducted an investigation.

Great for first time ball purchasers or picking up spares. “REMEMBER, it isn’t how much the ball hooks, it’s where.” The maximum total weight of the ball must not exceed 16.0 pounds after drilling. From Bowling tips to Bowling staff everything we covered in this blog.

He initially counted 50 balls on Facebook, but as time went on, he discovered more and more. Although Olson said he could feel more balls in the ground, the final count came in at 158. Olson uncovered two more in recent days, increasing the total to 160. The mark consists of The words BB4L Bowling Brothers For Life with a bowling ball behind it. If you purchased your ball outside of the U.S., we ask that you work with your pro shop to get your replacement ball. This year, when you open up your Real One, you could find either a Real One, or a special edition The One, Big One, Infinite One or Angular One inside.

This information is followed by the RG and differential of the ball. The Incite’s RG and differential is 2.50 and 0.053 respectively in 15lbs. The next question is, what is does RG and differential mean, and how does it affect your ball reaction? Simply put, the higher the RG, the later the ball is going to hook, or transition and the lower the RG the earlier the ball is going to hook. The overall differential will affect how much the ball will hook. The higher the differential, the more the ball is going to hook.

Some form of serial number, the ball’s original brand and model names or logos must also be on each ball. Bowling ball related topics including new products, arsenals and comparisons. If you have any doubts before traveling, get to your local pro shop and double check your equipment. I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

When you enter a USBC-sanctioned event, you’ll have to provide your ball’s serial number. No one interviewed by USBC provided evidence Purple Hammers were produced under 72D. No one interviewed by USBC provided evidence Ebonite knowingly distributed balls outside of specification. There is no one thread dedicated to old or new bowling ball info, But there is a website 123bowl.com that has information on old and new balls. If you have seen or used multiple bowling balls, you probably know that the serial number isn’t always the only number on a bowling ball. In addition to the serial number, you may notice another number stamped or engraved on your ball.

We will need your name, address, phone number, and email for the program. We will also need you to attach two photos to your claim. Please include one of the serial number, and one of the gripping holes of the ball that can be seen in one picture. If you are a no thumb player, please provide a shot that shows the “X” in your palm so that it can be documented as a no thumb drilling. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Any consumer who opens a special edition One will be eligible to receive a Real One for free.

I wonder how leagal that really is, it looks great but I remember a few years ago one company having trouble getting balls sanctioned due to the engraving. If the numbers are gone the ball is probably not within legal size anyway, not that it is checked that often. For stuff in the last 5-10 years, bowlingball.com keeps some pretty good specs on them and you’ll probably find a ball video here or there.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just use our return form within 60 days for a full refund or exchange – no questions asked. I have an Ebonite Infinite One with very light engraving as well, after just a couple of resurfacings it is getting thin. I have measured this ball with a circumferance ring and know it is still legal in size, as others have said Ebonite just has some balls with new year’s in spanish speaking countries light engraving. Bowl-Tech is not a substitute for proper training on bowling equipment maintenance. You will seek personal training from trained professionals within your center with regards to safety & maintenance practices while working on bowling equipment. My Virtual gravity starts with 09, knowing this ball was manufactured in 09 I can only assume that storm starts theirs of with the year.

And if your bowling ball doesn’t have a serial number, they may be able to help you identify your ball using other methods. There’s almost always more than one way to figure things out. The USBC uses these numbers to determine whether your ball is considered legal and approved for competitive or tournament play. If your serial number isn’t on the list, you’ll have to get a new ball.