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Vega$ TV Series 1978 1981

Poster raysond also suggests that Robert Urich subsequently reprised the Dan Tanna role in the Spenser for Hire television series. Vega$ was actually a reprise of the Dan Tanna character which had first appeared in Charlie’s Angels. However, the only commonality between Vega$ and Spenser for Hire was Urich’s tough guy personality. Both funny team names with joe shows had their own very unique styles, having to do as much with the values and lifestyle of the lead character as with their vastly different locales. Vega$ was the product of David Mann who would go on to greater fame as the creator of Miami Vice, another show that was known as much for its back drops as its actors and scripts.

She appeared in a number of movies and plays, but prior to “Titanic,” her last acting credit was nearly 10 years earlier with the 1989 TV movie “She Knows Too Much.” Zane also appeared on Broadway in Chicago and in the West End production of “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks.” He’s had a few recurring roles in television shows such as “Charmed,” “Samantha Who,” “The Deep End,” “Community” and “Guilt.” After “Titanic,” Paxton continued flexing his acting chops, starring in films like “A Simple Plan,” “Mighty Joe Young” and “Thunderbirds,” while also dipping his toe into directing.

Stuart was married twice, the first time to sculptor Blair Gordon Newell from 1930 to 193, and then to Arthur Sheekman from 1934 until he died in 1978. She then started a relationship with Ward Ritchie in 1983 and was with him until his death in 1996. Zane married actress Lisa Collins in 1989, ultimately getting divorced in 1995. He most notably had relationships with Leonor Varela and Kelly Brook, both of whom he was engaged to, and Jasmina Hdagha, who he dated in 2010 before dating model Candice Neil. In 2014, he appeared in both “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Edge of Tomorrow.” His final onscreen performance was in the 2017 movie “The Circle,” which was released two months after his death.

Dan goes after a crime ring which uses extortion and violence to force young girls into illicit activities. Dan Tanna takes on the mob and a “retired” crime magnate in his search for a quantity of cocaine. A young woman who believes her famous father has been dead for 10 years hires Dan Tanna to untangle the puzzling mystery of how Dad could turn up at her recent wedding. Vegas began airing in off-network syndication shortly after its cancelation in the early 1980s. It was also one of the first shows to premiere on FX when that channel began in 1994; FX ceased airing episodes around 2000.

It says a lot about the career of Eric Roberts that being Julia’s older brother is one of the least interesting things to say about him. With hundreds of acting credits across film and television, Roberts broke out initially playing the grandson of Sterling Hayden’s criminal kingpin in the 1978 drama “King of the Gypsies.” Only a few years later, he received his first Oscar nomination, playing an escaped convict alongside Jon Voight trapped on the titular “Runaway Train.” With a look that can vary from sweetly romantic to deceptively sinister, Max Minghella has showcased quite a bit of range over the course of his brief but memorable career. Son of the late, acclaimed filmmaker Anthony Minghella, some of Max’s very first acting opportunities came via uncredited roles in some of his father’s films (notably “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “Cold Mountain”).

Had taken over the “destination” market a year before and it was a much more digestible blend of exotic locales, light plotting, and colorful characters. By the time it was cancelled, Vega$ felt like the last hurrah of the 70’s. It’s probably no coincidence that Charlie’s Angels, another Aaron Spelling project, was cancelled the same year as Vega$. If you wanted harder nosed cop dramas, Hill Street Blues and Cagney and Lacey debuted the same year Vega$ was dropped. If you wanted some light private eye fluff, Simon & Simon, likewise debuting in 1981, became the audience go to, most especially after being moved to Thursday nights as to follow Magnum.