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VidCasterLive Go Live with Pre-recorded Video on Facebook A ChatPion Add-on

This stream key will expire in 24 hours so you have to go on Facebook again and get another stream key for each live broadcast you make after it expires. Many have been wondering how they can go live on Facebook using pre-recorded videos instead. Prepare in advance, and rest assured that your pre-recorded content is going live at the exact time and date on the platforms you selected.

You can live stream at your local peak audience time and then upload the recorded version to Restream and live stream it later to cover other time zones. Your pre-recorded video is scheduled to stream on the date and at the time you selected. If you want to make an announcement post about your upcoming live stream, you can also check the box next to Make announcement post. Currently, announcement posts are only available on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. LiveReacting allows you to upload pre-recorded video and schedule live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch live or other RTMP destination.

Start by navigating to Creator Studio at business.facebook.com/creatorstudio. Before you start, make sure you have aFacebookconfigured to ingest a stream from Wowza Streaming Engine. The SMIL file will reference your mp4 file in your content folder.

Navigate to your Facebook page to interact with your viewers. Choose your video and it will be pasted onto the broadcast window. From your dashboard, you can either choose a template or go to the Studio to start a new project from scratch. When you’re how do i make playlists on tiktok sure everything is ready, click on Start Streaming on the lower-right panel. You can choose whether you want to loop your video or choose “show nothing when playback ends”. Navigate to where you’ve saved your video and double-click on the file.

Use it to the benefit of your business as a way to promote your product, build brand awareness, or grow your audience. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to have an additional person logged into the primary account to monitor the comments on a desktop computer. That way, they can take care of responding so the person recording the video can concentrate on creating a great experience. The number of comments on your broadcast is another way to get Facebook to give it a higher relevancy score, making it more likely to show up on people’s News Feeds. So encourage your viewers to comment, and engage with people who are commenting by answering their questions and calling them out by name.

You have to react to those comments and reactions. So, Let’s have a quick go through over that subject with FB live article. When you first start the video, take a minute to introduce yourself and what the video’s about. But keep in mind that when you first start live streaming, you may have zero people watching. Even a few seconds in, you could only have a handful of viewers.

You can choose where to post your stream on the left-hand side. Write a description — this is where you can tag friends, collaborators, or your location. Or, use the widgets at the bottom of the screen to add other elements, like Polls or links. The hamburger button in the bottom right-hand corner will give you an exhaustive list of options.

Facebook Live videos also provide metrics around peak live viewers, total views, average view time people reached, and demographics of who watched. Interaction on your videos also gives them a vote of authority, and provides new viewers with confidence that they’re not wasting their time on snooze-worthy content. To gain more interaction encourage it from your viewers! During the broadcast ask questions, and then ask your viewers to reply in the comments. Perhaps even run a live contest asking them to like, share and comment on the post to be entered into a free giveaway raffle.

Add interactive elements in your pre-recorded video broadcast to make it more memorable and engaging. Go ahead and stream some of your existing videos on your Facebook page. It may take 2-3 times before you get the whole process right, but if you follow these instructions, you should have no problem. Click on OK to add this video to your streaming list.

Here are 16 easy tips to improve your Facebook Live video recording, leading to more eyes on your content. Your description and video thumbnail are by the far the most important pieces of your video. Without compelling copy to entice your viewers, your live video isn’t going to get much if any traction. At Wistia, we’ve found that sharing our culture with our audience has been one of the most beneficial ways to grow the business and build brand advocates. Below, check out how our social team is using Live Video to give our audience a sneak peek behind one of our video shoots. It’s always wise, in these scenarios, to put yourself in the client’s shoes as best you can.