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Vintage Sports Bobble Heads for sale

While it can be difficult to predict which will be the most valuable, it is safe to assume that the most popular subjects tend to draw the most interest and the most value. This is especially true if it marks a significant baseball thumb guard for hitters moment, like the player’s first bobblehead as a pro, or their induction into the Hall of Fame. There can also be signed versions, variants or versions that include a relic, like infield dirt or a jersey piece.

Of course, famous musicians’ belongings aren’t the only things that command big bucks at auction. Items from coins and stamps to bobblehead dolls and Beanie Babies can sell for impressive amounts. The bobbleheads we see today are a modern collectible, but they have actually been around in some form since the mid-1800s.

This beauty of the longtime Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was part of a 2002 Supreme Court series from the Green Bag Journal of Law.

One you revceive the bobbleheads, you can put them on the cake. Everyone is paying attention to your grand day and will also focus on your bobblehead. Once you see it, good memories will be displayed in your own eyes.Due to fully handmade custom,your bobbleheads are in a class by itself. The promotion went very well, and more teams began to offer bobbleheads as a promotional item for their fans. Dejounte Murray’s bobblehead could meet the same fate if it doesn’t pop up at the AT&T Center in time for its planned April 1 giveaway. Stamp collecting is a popular hobby, the value of such items determined by their scarcity and history.

Here’s a look at four of the most fantastic Spurs bobbleheads on eBay. In 1998, baseball fans were watching every St. Louis Cardinals game to see if Mark McGwire could break the record for most home runs in a season. One of the fans was “Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane. Lucky for him, he had the $3 million to win the balland enough to also snag Sammy Sosa’s second-place record ball.

When collecting anything, it is always good to be aware of the price points. Some bobbleheads can command insane amounts, but depending on the total production and the subject depicted, mosst can be found for just a few dollars. Collectors normally focus on one particular team or period, but it can be fun just to browse for random bobbleheads that catch your attention.