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Warframe: Best Places to Farm Salvage

We have prepared a list of the best places for Salvage farming which you can utilize to quickly acquire an abundant supply of this resource. You can get plenty of Salvage in just half an how to get playlists on tiktok hour or less and it’s going to be a useful resource for you later in the game. Choose any survival level on planets that have Salvage and you can expect to get a few thousand units.

Mars is required to unlock Deimos, which brings with it the Cambion Drift expansion, so players should look to get through Mars as quickly as possible. For Meso relics, you’ll want to do Olympus Disruption on Mars. You’ll be guaranteed a relic if you successfully defend all the nodes. If you’re farming for Meso and Neo relics at the same time, try Ukko capture mission in the Void. Farming the main and component blueprints for Inaros is by completing the Sands of Inaros quest. Warframe Neural Sensors are a component that can be used to craft items, but they are exceedingly rare, with them only being found in a few specific locations in the galaxy.

Mars is also worthwhile because there aren’t many enemies. To accumulate salvage, farm on Jupiter, Mars, the Kuva Fortress, or Sedna. To see the different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently.

Venari will spawn beside Khora when the player first enters a mission, as a permanent companion that lasts until killed. All of Hildryn abilities drain power from her shields and slash and toxin damage can’t bypass her shields to reduce health. A special resource that only appears on Arbitrations as an end of mission reward. An ancient legend, master of the elements has good armor and has a great defense and attack abilities.

Try Jupiter, Sedna or Mars, especially the Infested mission on Mars. Wahiba is great because it has a low level yet yields a good amount of resources. Wahiba – Mars The number of enemies depends how many in your squad, so it doesn’t matter too much if you do this mission solo or with a few friends. There are several new pathways in this mission so it isn’t hard to find a good camping spot.

In Dojo, salvage is compulsory for various researches and blueprints. By contributing to this, you will acquire further blueprints that are needed shortly for crafting. Mars and Jupiter still remain as some of the beginner planets and players can easily farm in such places since they are usually the earliest to be accessed.

If you want to farm Voruna instead of shelling out Thrax Plasm or Platinum, focus on Conjunction Survival missions, since those are her only drop sources in Lua’s Prey. Circulus has better chances, but it also has enemies ranging from level 80 to 100, while Yuvarium brings far easier enemies. As you can see, in the above picture I was running a Limbo alone and was able to get around 2114 polymer bundle within 10 minutes. You might think that 2k is enough, it’s not, you need loads of these.