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Wasim Akram’s Savage Reply to Pakistan Fan’s Question: ‘Why Does Rizwan Wear Lip Balm?’

spelling and grammatical errors ahead

If you typically reach for ChapStick when you’re anxious, make a plan to do something else instead. Drink some water or take a few steps around the room. Over time, this new habit will become second nature.

This reportedly happened during a performance by the band Odd Future, where one of the members made a comment about Katy Perry’s sexuality. Whether the term is actually a reference to Katy Perry or not, it is still used today to describe any girl-on-girl action. Yes, it is good to sleep with lip balm on as it helps to nourish your lips and protect the new skin cells.

When your lips feel dry, you may reach for lip balm more often. This can leave you with dry, chapped lips despite your regular use of balm. There has been a recent trend on social media of users posting videos of themselves using a brand new chapstick on their lips. Once they are done with their routine, they confess that they will commit suicide on the day the chapstick they just started using finishes. The definition of this one is a little unclear, as there seem to be multiple challenges out there that involve the use of the name brand lip balm ChapStick or other similar products.

This is a very serious challenge and should not be taken lightly. If you engage in this challenge, you are putting your life at risk. This trend is extremely concerning and is something that needs to be addressed immediately. It is important to remember that suicidal thoughts are often temporary and that there is always help available. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help.

Some people lick their lips after they apply lip balm. You may enjoy that feeling or the flavor of your favorite lip product. But when you lick your lips, you wet them with saliva.