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Watch what happens when these guys fire this beast of a rifle

SSK Industries, the makers of the rifle, received a Sporting Purposes Exception to deregulate the rifles. In spite of its weight , recoil is substantial, and it is only practical to fire it from a shooting rest. khamelian My friend Marco Rigido of New System Arms in Italy builds a bigger rifle – a full 1.00″ bolt gun firing 2500 to 2800 gr bullets. From what I understand the SSK round is allowed for civilian use by the ATF.

The action functions by removing the bolt from the receiver, placing the round directly into the bolt, and putting the whole assembly back into the receiver, similar to how anti-tank rifles are loaded. The rifle weighs an astounding scale-breaking 61 pounds! Mounted on a McMillan style extra large benchrest style stock with a solid recoil pad.

Manufactured by SSK Industries, this enormous rifle pushes the envelope in size, raw power, and rarity. This rifle is designed to fire a cartridge based on the 20x110mm Vulcan Cannon cartridge, shortened, and necked up to match a .950 caliber (24.1mm) cast lead bullet. The round is large enough that when developed by J.D.

A rimfire cartridge is a firearm cartridge in which the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge base. The rim of a rimfire cartridge is a wide and long percussion cap that holds priming compound, and the cartridge case contains the gunpowder and the bullet. Rimfire cartridges are some of the only rifle ammo for sale that can’t be reloaded after the first firing, since the head is reshaped by firing pin impact. Rimfire ammo can only be utilized in low pressure calibers, since they require a thin case for the primer to be ignited by the firing pin. Therefore, rimfires are generally .22 caliber or less.

Just want to give a big shout out to Hevi Shot Ammo for giving me the opportunity to make them some custom 12ga pieces!