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I will adopt the tips and ideas and use them for my wedding photography. Newlyweds love seeing photos of their guests having fun in their wedding album. If you notice guests and friends having fun on the dance floor or during the reception dinner, make an effort to capture those moments, too. Those expressions of the relatives, friends and family that showed up to support your clients deserve to be captured. Writing good, interesting, long blog posts is tough for wedding photographers.

Spotlight your favorite favors, and include links to all the makers and sellers who made these fun gifts possible. Caterers LOVE good photos of their own food – and couples love to see those photos for inspiration! If you can include descriptions of the food in the photo, all the better. Just reach out to the caterers for the right language. We require at least 500 words and images to help the post.

It’s a great way to market your photography business. A crucial piece of advice to remember is that you need to brace for things to go wrong. You’ve done all the proper steps beforehand, but even then, some things may go wrong on the wedding day.


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These monumental firsts include the couple’s first kiss, first dance and first look. Your clients may even be planning their own, nontraditional “first moments,” so it’s important to ask them about any special moments they want photographed. Definitely make sure to use a photo (because you’re trying to build a connection!) and make sure it’s a photo that is clearly of you. I like to use a few different ones that show off my personality and my family life. In our blog section, we put on different content related to photography, photoshoot, image editing, photography post-production, Photoshop tutorials, etc. Instead, focus on these more “local” blog post ideas below.

If you’re new to the world of blogging, trying to figure out how to create your first blog post can be pretty intimidating! Rather than give you a list of 50+ blog post ideas, though, I wanted to narrow in on the ideas that would actually bring you local traffic from engaged couples. It’s essential to have a wedding shot checklist, but don’t forget to take photos of natural, magical moments. Keep your focus on the bride and groom’s close family and friends, and prepare to snap a shot at any given time.

You can do a venue tour or styled shoot to get experience with the venue and then create this post to attract future work there. List your 10 favorite venues you’ve worked at in your city, state, or region. Write a few paragraphs about each of them and include some of your photos from there. Make sure your content is unique, not just swiped from the venue’s website. Before you do anything else, you need to become familiar with the location you will be shooting at.

Some clients hire wedding photographers because of particular photo editing styles. You can write a detailed process on how you retouch photos in Photoshop and edit in Lightroom. Just be sure to upload before and after pictures. You’ll gather knowledge and experience about wedding planning as you take care of clients and shoot dozens of weddings. You can reinforce that information by getting advice and tips from professional wedding planners. You may even turn that into a partnership where you can also have a guest post or short interview on their blogs.

On the wedding day, things ran late and we had little time for pictures. But we managed to hit the ground running having had ample experience during the engagement session. Also the pics are stunning, filled with that glowy, flattering light. This is a great one because it allays any concerns that wedding photography is stiff, boring and very uncomfortable. Many people out there balk at the idea that it will involve standing still for hours on end and they will feel awkward.