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This could indicate other broken bones or injuries, such as a dislocated elbow. Sometimes, this bruising travels up the arm toward the shoulder or down the forearm toward the wrist. In an olecranon fracture, the bone can crack just slightly or break into many pieces. The broken pieces of bone may line up straight or may be far out of place .

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Specifically, it refers to the skin in the pit between your forearm and upper arm, and, it seems, when the forearm is raised to the upper arm, the name is based on vagina . Technically, you can refer to the area as the antecubital fossa. Antecubital is an adjective meaning “of or relating to the inner or front surface of the forearm” (in Latin ante means “before” and cubitum means “elbow”). Fossa is a Medieval Latin borrowing that is used for an anatomical pit, groove, or depression.

It is also important for rotation of the forearm; that is, the ability to turn your palm up or palm down . All definitions are approved by humans before publishing. In any case, the point which the wenis covers isn’t really the humerus at all. The wenis lacks sensitivity and can withstand all types of abuse.

A healthcare professional may alter the treatment to reduce side effects, or suggest ways to avoid temporary dryness. Because of the increased risk of infection, open fractures are scheduled for surgery as soon as possible, usually within hours of the diagnosis. Patients are given antibiotics by vein in the emergency room, and may receive a tetanus shot. During surgery, the cuts from the injury and the surfaces of the broken bone are thoroughly cleaned out. The bone will typically be repaired during the same surgery. Surgery for olecranon fractures typically involves putting the broken pieces of bone back into position and preventing them from moving out of place until they are healed.

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