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What Does It Mean to “Go Grey” on LSAT Score Release Day?

Once you have done all this, take the exam again in June. Starting in the fall of 2025, it will be up to the individual school whether or not they will require the LSAT for admissions. University of Alabama students were divided on the value of the LSAT for law school admissions. To get really confident with these kinds of questions, you have to practice. By working through hundreds of practice questions, you can develop the acumen and intuition necessary for working through these problems efficiently.

Gray marketing forces manufacturers to accept the low profit margins that result from quantity discounting. Manufacturers find it difficult to monitor the effectiveness of promotional efforts made on behalf of products that are gray marketed. Gray marketing is practiced in many different forms and places, and legislators should recognize the futility of trying to regulate it. In this live session, Marty Murray will discuss key moves you can make to achieve a 750+ GMAT score. We noticed you are actually not timing your practice.

Follow these tips and score higher on the LR section. Make sure to include the premise and conclusion in every argument you read in order to identify the disconnect or flaw of an argument. When dealing with a strengthen question you want to fill in flaw, and when dealing with a weaken question you want to tear apart the flaw further. Get more on the logical reasoning section of the LSAT exam here.

If you’re applying for fall admission, aim to schedule your test dates between April and October of the prior year. Our free and affordable Official LSAT Prep® options enable you to practice with official LSAT content, so you can gain familiarity with the actual test interface using authentic test questions. Admission into a top 25 law school greatly affects your law career.

Candidates can complete their LSAT Writing as early as eight days prior to the multiple-choice test. The mechanisms used to control gray marketing across markets are different from those most effective in controlling gray marketing within markets. How to go about answering those questions and using elimination skills. I also liked having a live instructor who was able to answer any questions we had.” There are some people who have speculated how they are released, however there is no conclusive answer as to the order they are released in. Everything you need to know about the LSAT, plus study tips and free resources.

Hey Dallin – well you’ll know as soon as you get your score, since it’ll include a copy of the four real sections (you can tell from what’s missing what was experimental). Rule of thumb then is that grey gives the day, but only fate knows the hour. Hence, its good that you have gone through LSAT questions/passages. Now you will find the GMAT passages from OG and elsewhere to be facile. So keep LSAT behind you now and focus on OG, 1000RC and you should do good.

Our self–paced online LSAT course, which is taught by the world-record holder for perfect LSAT scores, is ideal for those who prefer to study on their own schedule. Our live online 25 private colleges least money LSAT courses are taught via Zoom by elite instructors who have at least five years of TestMasters LSAT teaching experience. Veronica took a Kaplan practice test and landed a 161.

This investment of your time now offers you the opportunity to develop these skills early. The ability to read a text quickly and develop an intuition about the arguments that unfold in it is critical for success as an attorney. Proper preparation for the LSAT Logical Reasoning test is therefore the beginning of your legal thought process. Mastering the skill now will pay off for years to come.