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AMLO wants to focus on social programs and educating the youth as to divert their interest away from material goods and more on long term happiness through professional careers. I say it’s too early to tell, he’s only been in office for a year. Taking narco property and giving back the gains to the people isn’t a bad idea.

ALMO sold it to finance the 12 guards guarding the ex Bolivian president, and also he is staying, at one of the seized narco home. I’d be more willing to give AMLO the benefit of the doubt if numerous security experts hadn’t accused him of not having a security plan. I can understand not wanting to escalate things, but when the situation is “confront the cartels” or “let them do whatever they want”, the latter isn’t the way to go. Three other houses linked to the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel had no buyer. Although the director of the SAE said during the auction that the residence was “luxury”, for some reason it did not capture the interest of the attendees.

I’d tracked her across three continents for the last eight months, and her long journey out and back again was much more interesting to me than the books she’d read. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.

Now, these superstitions are hardly ever right–it’s just that it looks as if they are right. But maybe it’s not merely a coincidence that there is a correlation between the amount of rain and “siete gotas.” From now on, you know there will be seven drops of water and in this case, there will be only six. This is because the saying is not correlated to any exact number or time period. It can be used in many occasions, but it can never be predicted exactly how many drops will fall.

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. Promote love in all aspects of your life starting will self love and spiritual acceptance. Another common saying with the same meaning of siete gotas is “ocho [pii_email_ec57038ea8aa71036915] guantes” , which comes from the saying “ocho guantes de boxeo” . Meaning that it will take eight gloves to make it stop raining. Both of these sayings have many variations, but the meaning is always the same.

James’ eventual betrayal, Teresa’s cremation and Pote’s return to Culiacán were all in the cards. Pote reassures Teresa that all loose ends have been tied, noting that Dumas and Chicho know nothing about the elaborate plan. Before skipping town to finally leave the world of drugs and violence behind him, Pote once again reunites with Chicho and Dumas. He gifts the former ownership of Siete Gotas, again, and grants the latter Teresa’s waterfront property. Three years later, Pote’s served his sentence and seeks out Boaz to avenge Teresa, Tony and all the loved ones the drug lord has taken from him. He reunites with Chicho and Dumas , with the latter unveiling that he also intends to get even with the traitor.