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What Flavors Go Well With Matcha? A Guide For The Tastebuds

Using a bamboo whisk, whisk in a zig-zag motion until frothy. Let’s mesh the complexities of flavor with your brand development, technical requirements and regulatory needs to deliver a complete taste solution. There are several mentions of matcha in social and print media. Read on to learn how to store matcha the proper way to ensure that you get the most out of this ancient elixir. Paired with Japanese cuisines such as sashimi, sushi, udon and unagi . Our favorite mochi is called Daifuku, which is filled with sweet azuki bean paste.

Sweet potatoes and pumpkins will also work well with black tea. The banana flavor smooths out some of matcha’s usual bitterness but is more how many calories are in a green tea shot subtle than overpowering. I feel like they don’t ever quite taste like real bananas, but to me this matcha flavor came very very close.

You will notice that the taste of the matcha becomes more powerful and the finish becomes stronger. If this is too intense for you, we would instead recommend going for the other food pairings on this list. Genmaicha Green Tea is a blend of Japanese green tea along with puffed brown rice.

Both chocolate and matcha have very intense flavor profiles and they are very different. This is an easy way to make a matcha frozen yogurt and you can do the same thing with vanilla ice cream. After talking a bit about what flavors go well with matcha, let’s dive into some foods that you can either mix with your matcha or eat alongside of it. Create your own green tea pairings with our Foodpairing® Inspiration Tool by subscribing now. Combine the earthiness of this tea with dark chocolate, possibly those with bright and floral notes.

Houjicha is made with roasted tea leaves that give it its distinctive reddish-brown color and causes the tea to have a soft, caramel-like aroma. The leaves are roasted until any humidity is gone which not only alters the flavour of the tea but lowers its caffeine content as well. We all know that tea is very healthy and the most popular beverage in Japan as many people love it. Depression is a serious condition and it seems that more people are now being vocal about this. If you know a loved one who is suffering from depression, then this article can help introduce green tea as an aid in reducing the symptoms of depression.

How’s white chocolate different from the cocoa powder we suggested earlier? Instead, it’s made from cocoa butter, which gives it a very different taste and texture. Using store-bought yogurt will work just fine if you’re looking for a quick treat. Yogurt, milk, and cream all make good companions for green tea. However, as we notice, yogurt is the healthiest choice here.