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What Happened With Bubzbeauty Husband Tim Cheating Pictures Lead To Her Divorce

The reply was then posted on a Reddit forum where fans stated there were obvious cues of her failing marriage all along. At the same time, others were saddened by the confirmation. A number of fans firmly believed her ex-husband was cheating on her. So I am totally late to the news, but I recently went to check on BubzBeauty after maybe 5 years of not watching her. Then I saw someone mention Tim cheated and there’s receipts.

Another selfie she posted of the same mystery man had his face hidden behind an emoji. Ireland because Bubz thinks Tim being away from his friends would make the cheating stop. They stay in HK while the house in Ireland is being built. I think Bubz didn’t trust Tim to be away from her even though he was away from his supposed bad influencing HK friends. Bubzbeauty was previously in a marital relationship with her ex-husband, and his name is Tim.

After Isaac was born, Tim was a shitty dad and never around and Bubz complained about it all the time on her IG stories, siccing her fans on him. Then she will turn around and defend Tim and attack her fans saying stuff like no marriage is perfect, and no one knows how their real life and real relationship was. After a long time of marriage, Bubzbeauty and her husband, Tim, divorced in 2020. The couple dated for a while and wedded on August 10, 2013.

Tim and Bubzbeauty parted ways after being together for a long time. They even have two beautiful kids from their marriage, and their names are Isaac and Ayla. Bubzbeauty explained her separation by saying that whatever had to happen did happen. However, she has not yet revealed the reason for their separation.

Due to the fact that my subject’s studies are based entirely on my research work and sources, I am able to write informative articles. New writers are worried that the story has been told already, well, it has been, but not by you. If you google it, you can see pics of Tim and some woman who isn’t Bubz overlooking the HK harbour at night and they’re looking very intimate.

I don’t follow her anymore because I just don’t click with her new style and full on mommy things, but I am glad she is feeling better. It sucked for the kids as well, it has been implied she was also on her own with her second pregnancy as her ex husband was more absent than ever, citing he had to work. She does have a new boyfriend now though and she seems a lot happier the past few months.

Bubzbeauty previously contended with postpartum depression, an affair with her ex-husband, and parenting their two children, Ayla and Issac. Bubzbeauty and Tom married in August 2013, but after seven years of marriage, they divorced in 2020. Ayla is born and Bubz shows favoritism towards her because she is a girl and looks like her or maybe will look like her… If you remember, Bubz has hinted that her parents have always wanted a boy and when Bubz was born, her mother cried because she would have to get pregnant and give birth again to keep trying for a boy. Then her brother was born after her and they stopped having children and spoiled him and not her or her sisters.

In the end, they get divorced and she reveals/hints a bunch of stuff that I described above. Ireland home but Tim is always going back to HK for some sort of business that is never specified and also for the 1001 nights of bachelor’s parties. A couple of times, Bubz goes back top HK with him, I guess because she couldn’t trust him and reveals they never sold or rented out their HK home because Tim comes back so often.

The video is even trending all over Social Media and making the headlines. The Chinese-based YouTuber Bubzbeauty is directly connected to the video as her husband Tim is featured in the video. As per the reports, Tim is betraying her wife in the video as he is involved with another girl in an illegitimate relationship and the entire relationship has been learned by Tim’s wife Bubzbeauty. I always thought what a strange relationship they had but was still shocked when they got divorced, things must have been extremely bad… I felt like she would sometimes try to throw him under the bus on vlogs as a sort of cry for help.

Bubzbeauty has moved on with her new boyfriend, Mr Lumberjack. Bubz posted a video to her YouTube account titled Dating Again, Falling In Love, Rejection, caribe devine divorce Shame & More on November 11, 2020. And it was there that she revealed she is dating someone, claiming she likes him and he likes her.