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What Is a Good GPA in College? In High School?

In addition to your overall score, the classes you took might be factored in as well. For example, admissions committees might prefer an applicant who took hard math and science classes and earned a 3.5 over one who took comparatively easy courses and got a 3.7. In graduate school, you’ll start over with a fresh GPA. Once again, your grad scores you earn could have a say in where you’ll end up after grad school. GPA scores aren’t everything when it comes to mapping out your life plans. Even still, these figures come into play time and again as you move along your academic and professional path.

A GPA that places you a cut above at one school may position you solidly in the middle of the pack at another. Even still, there are some general GPA guidelines that may help you figure out whether you’d be considered a strong candidate for most graduate programs. A grade point average is a measure that describes your academic performance during a course of study. At the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, the Blavin Scholars program offers a variety of academic and mentoring services for students who were in foster care. Program participants have a 95-percent graduation rate. U-M’s generous level of financial aid allows students with extreme financial hardship typically to attend at no charge, said Emily Hurtado-Arboleda, of the Blavin program.

As a result, you’ll have a few college possibilities with a 3.4, though the top colleges may be out of reach. Look at the schools you might apply to see your admission prospects in the next section. Many students who started with shaky academic track records have gone on to find success in grad school. If you can prove your readiness through test scores or professional experience, you may be able to count yourself among that group.

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Your academics will be one of the most important aspects of your college applications. Different elements make up your academic profile and how it’s evaluated, including standardized test scores, the courses you’ve taken, and the grades you have iew online earned. Your grades are summarized with your cumulative grade point average, or GPA. Your school might have a distinct way of calculating yours–for instance, weighted vs. unweighted GPAs–so check with your guidance office to know how they do it.