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What is Helium Beer & Where Can You Buy It? 2023 Updated

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So, helium beer would be impossible to bottle and it wouldn’t have the fizz that you’re used to with beer. Don’t expect to see helium infused beer for sale in the U.K., U.S. or anywhere else anytime soon. The second factor driving the demand for helium beer is a video fromDie BierProbierertitled “Helium Beer Test.” The video shows two guys allegedly sipping on helium beer with a noticeable change in their voices after drinking the beverage.

The truth of the matter is that helium beer makes it rounds a couple of times a year, and every time it’s nothing more than an amusing hoax. Not only that, but the recent discoveries come to light in a fast and impressive way. For that reason, it is not a surprise that there are helium beers in the market already. This beer became famous after a series of videos that showed the changes that occurred when drinking the beverage. It involved catching the high-pitched voice that makes helium known by the masses.

For large volumes, the brewers will need to use prominent stainless steel tank. Helium beer from a keg is best when served from a dedicated tap. These taps have a restrictor plate with small holes just before the faucet. It helps the helium bubbles to break out, and it ensures a substantial head and its particular texture. Small producers tend to use a pressure tank to infuse helium into beer.

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