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What is Helium Beer & Where Can You Buy It? 2023 Updated

Adding nitrogen widgets to beer cans is not something that has not been seen before, but the time has come to add a new ingredient to the brewing territory hitherto unimaginable. First, you can thank the folks at Stone Brewing Co. for their April 2014 announcement about Stochasticity Project Cram Ale with Helium featured in thisnews release. Stone’s Rick Blankemeier and Mitch Steele spend nearly four minutes going into deep science talk about the Stochasticity Project Ale in this rather convincing video. A few different companies pretended to brew some helium beer, and each one has added to the lore that is helium beer. That means as soon as you try to aerate the beer, all the helium will rise straight out the top.

The idea of a brewery helium beer ad has also become a bit of a tradition. In 2015, Berkshire Brewing Company shared a video of its Helium IPA that opened with an open beer bottle slowly filling a balloon. The viral video of the two ladies drinking helium-infused wine is entertaining, but they are most likely just making a ruse. The helium-infused beer hype is not only fictional, but also bogus.

The whole thing about helium beer is a myth, so it will never be possible to buy Helium beer with a voice-pitching effect, however, this could be really cool. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that wine can be infused with helium. However, some people believe that this is possible. They believe that the helium gas can help to preserve the wine and make it taste better. There are no studies that have been conducted to support this claim.

Yeasts for homebrewing should be kept to a minimum temperature and water volume in order to properly pitch. When starting yeast and malt, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours. helium infused beer sales If helium is infused into a beer, it will work in the same way that nitrogen and carbon dioxide are. Beer can only be infused with helium if it weighs at least 4,900 PSI.

Of course, none of that was true, and they even stated that in the video and subsequent article. Contrary to the claims made in videos by Stone Brewing and Adam Samuels, you cant find helium beer anywhere. The hype of helium infused beer is not only fictional and fake, but also impossible.

The yeast doesn’t make nitrogen during fermentation, so it has to be added manually. Thanks to its chemical properties, nitrogen offers a smoother feel and doesn’t fizz as readily as carbon dioxide. They had seen and tasted brews that were groundbreaking, ones once thought to be impossible to create. Helium-infused beer was going to stun the scientific community and the world with their incredible project.

Because the solubility levels of helium and nitrogen are relatively similar, it might be possible to create such a beer, some would say. The helium beer was said to be infused with helium, which could be really cool, actually, but this is not quite possible. I think our fans are really going to like this ale, and we look forward to brewing other unique beers for the Stochasticity Project. To get to know about all the different beer out there is quite a challenge, especially when some beers are not even real. But, what is it with this helium beer, and why has it become such a huge topic? One thing’s sure, you’ll need to be critical about this.