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What is the meaning of “¿Todavía está disponible?”? Question about English US

▲ troubleHan pasado muchas penas.They’ve suffered a great deal of trouble. ▲ embarrassment, chagrin Me da mucha pena.It’s very embarrassing. ° a duras penas with great difficultyLlegaron a duras penas.They had a hard time getting here. ° pena capital, pena de muerte death, capital punishmentLo condenaron a la pena capital.They condemned him to death.

The assassin was arrested through his fingerprints. Hoy today Hoy empezamos a trabajar. We’re starting to work today. ° hoy por hoy for the time being, under present circumstancesHoy por hoy no pienso regresar a mi país. Under present circumstances I don’t intend to return to my country. ° por hoy for the presentPor hoy lo dejaremos pasar.

—Hizo luz en el asunto.He shed some light on the matter. ° a todas luces any way you look at itA todas luces es cierto.It’s true any way you look at it. ° entre dos luces in the twilightLlegaron entre dos luces.They arrived at twilight. ° luces intelligenceEs un hombre de muchas luces.He’s a man of great intelligence. Interés interestPone mucho interés en todo lo que hace.He takes a lot of interest in everything he does.

▲ quarter, one fourthLe he esperado más de un cuarto de hora.I waited for him for more than a quarter of an hour. ▲ cuarto No tengo un cuarto.I don’t have any money.

Inclinación slant, slopeLa inclinación del terreno hacia difícil la construcción de la carretera.The slope of the ground made it difficult to construct the road. ▲ bent, inclinationDesde niño tuvo inclinación por el arte.He had a bent for art from childhood. Ilustrar to illustrateEs un houdahspot alternative buen artista el que ha ilustrado este libro.The artist who illustrated this book is very good. ° ilustrarse to educate oneselfLe gustaba ilustrarse viajando.He liked to educate himself by traveling. ° mala hierba weedLa dehesa está llena de mala hierba.The pasture is full of weeds.

Exacto exact, correctLa cuenta está exacta, gracias.The bill’s correct, thank you. ▲ accurateHizo un relato exacto.He gave an accurate report. National.Tomorrow they’ll open a new play at the National Theater. ▲ to wear for the first time¿Está Ud. Are you wearing that dress for the first time?

Gradas wide steps leading to the entrance of a building; bleachers. ° caer en las garras de to fall into the clutches of. Gallardía fine bearingLos soldados mostraban gran gallardía.The soldiers had a very fine bearing.

▲ the wrong way, wrongTodo le salía al revés.Everything he did went wrong. ° del revés inside out, wrong side outLa chaqueta está del revés.The jacket’s wrong side out. Reserva secrecy, discretionSe aconseja reserva en este asunto.Discretion’s advisable in this matter. ▲ reserveEstaba en la reserva militar.He was in the military reserve.