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What Size Crochet Hook for Blanket?

Crochet hook sizes are used to determine the circumference of the shaft and hook of the crochet hook. But otherwise, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question – it’s entirely up to personal preference! Some crocheters find that they prefer using different size hooks for different crochet projects, while others are perfectly content using just one or two sizes. The most commonly used crochet hook changes from person to person, depending on what type of crochet pattern you prefer to make and yarn weight you prefer to use. If you are following a crochet pattern, the crochet hook size will be given in the materials list. The US steel hook sizes range from 14, the smallest hooks, up to the size 00, the biggest hooks.

In the US and UK both the numbering systems, while different from one another, use a higher number for the smallest hook and a smaller number for the largest steel hook. This chart of thread crochet hooks will help you get the correct hook size for your lace project. When crocheting with thread instead of yarn, the crochet hook is similar but simplygram cancel it is much smaller than a yarn hook. Thread crochet hooks are also often made of steel so that they don’t bend while you work, a problem that becomes less of an issue with larger hook sizes. If you are going to work with thread, it’s important to learn about how thread weight is labeled as well as how thread crochet hooks are numbered .

Wooden hooks often need to be oiled and waxed to avoid wear and tear! Be aware of that when you’re picking which hooks to purchase. Keep in mind that yarn can vary within their own weight categories too.

If you can re-program your brain to understand that the measurement is the most important piece of information, you will conquer the crochet hook confusion. A selection of my crochet hooks, Clover soft touch and amour. Metal hooks such as aluminum are the most common crochet hook, and the most widely available. Be careful about using different hook sizes when using a kit because you might run out of yarn.

One thing to be aware of is that crochet hook sizes are not completely standardized. Because crochet has evolved as a folk art over time, and across continents, hook sizes have evolved separately as well. Crochet hooks can be measured in either letters or metric units . Whatever sort of project you’re making, you still need to have a good level of control as well as being comfortable while you’re making lots of small stitches. We’d recommend trying Prym ergonomic crochet hooks, as they’ve been specifically designed to give you the most comfortable crochet experience and feel super-comfortable in your hand.

The brand, weight size, % of fiber content, length of yarn (grams/ounces & yards/meters), and color. Working with a bit heavier weight yarn will ensure the project works up quickly and give a beginner confidence and excitement about a project. If using a smaller weight yarn and hook, a beginner might get discouraged at the lack of progress and give up. Again, there probably aren’t that many patterns out there with this weight yarn for blankets, so if you want to use this weight it would be best to calculate your own. Steel hook sizes are actually different in UK & US, and both are numbered. While it may be tempting to use a smaller hook to create a tighter stitch, this can result in your project coming out too small.