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What to Do if Your Dog’s Face is Swollen

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If the blepharitis is the result of a hereditary abnormality, it’s best not to breed and risk passing the condition on to the next generation. If it’s allergy-related, try to eliminate the irritant to prevent future outbreaks. For food-related allergies, your veterinarian will prescribe a change in diet; make sure your dog doesn’t stray outside the recommended diet. In cases of inflammation due to a fungus, bacteria, or parasite, your vet will prescribe medication. These may include eye drops or a topical ointment to help cure the infection, treat the inflammation, and reduce your dog’s pain and discomfort.

The vet will need to know the history of the swelling, whether it came on suddenly or gradually, and whether the dog’s facial appearance has changed over the course of the swelling. essential oils for diverticulitis Let the doctor know if there have been any unusual behaviors. Tooth abscesses and other dental infections can go deep beneath the gums and cause a pocket to fill with pus.

If your vet thinks allergies might be the cause, they will administer further tests to isolate the allergen. For tumors, they’ll have a biopsy done and then the best treatment plan can be discussed. There is a particular term that your vet may use to describe eye inflammation medically.

If your pet has previously experienced a vaccine reaction, be sure to inform the veterinarian so that proper premedication can be given. With premedication, many dogs can be vaccinated without a reaction. By taking good care of your dog’s teeth and mouth, you can prevent the occurrence of the various dental challenges that may cause the pooch’s face to swell. Also, becausethe pooch’s face is a sensitive region, one needs to be careful with applying any of the home remedies that would normally work so well on other regions of the dog’s body. Serious and life-threatening injuries responsible for facial swelling may need to be treated on the surgical table.

To treat a broken nose, a healthcare professional can perform closed reduction. They will set the nose back into its original position once the swelling resolves. The procedure should ideally be within 10–14 days of the injury.

If the swelling is minor, your veterinarian may suggest you give antihistamines and/or anti-inflammatories. The veterinarian will likely do a physical exam which may include blood work and urine and stool samples. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles.

Call your veterinarian right now to start the corresponding treatment. Prevention of facial swelling is preferable to dealing with it once it happens, and Dutch can help you with the ongoing care that reduces the chances of a swelling incident. For those occasions where you actually need live treatment, Dutch maintains relationships with veterinarians throughout the country and will recommend that you visit a local clinic. It’s the new, convenient, effective way to keep your best friend healthy over the long haul. Board-certified veterinarians determine if your dog or cat is a good candidate for online care.

Major reactions typically require higher doses of medications and an urgent visit to the vet. Your emergency vet will likely suggest NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). This helps reduces swelling, as well as stiffness or joint pain in both dogs and humans.

The most typical cause of facial swelling in dogs is an allergic reaction. Mild reactions tend to improve with minimal intervention, but severe reactions are an emergency that demands immediate veterinary attention. Treat a bothersome bee sting by first removing the stinger then apply a poultice made out of baking soda paste to the affected area. If your dog will allow it, you can try soaking a cloth in warm water, wringing out the excess to create a warm compress, and apply this on top of the baking soda poultice.