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What to do when the Disc is not playing or getting No Disc error?

You get several disc editing options, including cropping, adjusting playback speed, subtitles insertion, autoplay, etc. StreamFab supports to download 1080p videos from 30+ popular streaming services and 1000+ free online video sites. Smear one of the items on the disc and then wipe it clean. It’s quite surprising how well these work. DVD players will display on one of the Input or Auxiliary channels.

All you have to remember for cleaning the vents is to avoid blowing dust directly into the DVD player. For that, a vacuum cleaner or an electrostatic or microfiber duster work great. Just be sure that you always dust away from the vents and toward the floor to keep from spreading more dust into the air.

This way you will not spread the dust around and scratch the DVD further. If you’ve done a careful cleaning of the disc and still won’t play, check to see if the disc has any deep scratches that you’ve overlooked. These can often be repaired with a bottle seeing white spider meaning of scratch remover or a CD repair kit. If the disc is still not playable or has scratches, please fill out the included repair form, or include a note that the disc is scratched, and return it to any branch. We have a machine that can repair most discs.

When the lens is dirty, the DVD player will keep stopping or jumping. Therefore, ensure that maximum DVD cleanliness is observed. It will also choose the primary title for you, and you can right-click on the main screen to activate any titles for conversion. How cruel it was to go through all the trouble of making a DVD and then discover that it didn’t work on the MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, etc. The most common scenarios are “Mac SuperDrive keeps ejecting disc”, “set drive region not permitted”, “supported disc not available”, “Mac DVD player not responding”, etc.

For example, assume that you bought a DVD from the United States , you can’t play it in Japan or Europe . But you can play the DVD in Canada, Bermuda, and U.S. territories, as the Mac DVD player of them are region code of “1” as well. A broken DVD drive can also result in “burned DVD won’t play on Mac”. If your Mac is still under Apple one-year limited warranty, send it for repair before the year goes out. If not covered, compare the cost of non-warranty repair and Mac replacement.

But you must do the cleaning with great caution because DVD discs are easy to scratch and damage if you use the wrong cleaning products and perform wrong operation. This guide can be applied to cleaning CDs and Blurays as well. So the first thing you need to make sure is that your DVD disc is clean. If not, you can clean the disc using isopropyl alcohol, water, as well as a microfiber cloth. Finally, dry the DVD and test it on your DVD player. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean a CD or DVD.

DVD scratches or DVD damage may cause “burned DVD won’t play on Mac”. If it’s perpendicular scratches, the Mac DVD player will skip over the damaged area and continue reading. At this point, you can clean the DVD with warm water and a bar of mild soap.

If your DVD is on the fritz, you need to get that dust out. Before you start cleaning, we have a word or two of caution. DVD players are usually cheerful, obliging machines, but start messing around with them, and even the cheap ones can become dusty little prima donnas. That’s why DVD instruction manuals are virtually unanimous in forbidding the use of cleaning discs and alcohol swabs as well as generally mucking around with the hardware.

Rub the scratch remover solution on the scratch and wipe off the excess. One bottle is good for at least 100 discs, so if you have kids who are rough on their movies and video games, it’s definitely money well spent. Even in this age of streaming, downloading, and constant internet connections, we still often turn to DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games in disc format.