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What to Wear in Puerto Rico: A Puerto Rico Packing List

Usually in the evening, once I’ve come back from the beach I rinse the bathing suit that I’ve worn for the day. I’ll hang it to dry somewhere and while it’s usually dry the next day, sometimes it can take a bit longer to dry. Practical clothing might include a bikini under shorts or summer pants. Beautiful beaches and views can be combined with numerous activities, and breathable shirts and tank tops should withstand sweat without embarrassing sweat marks.

Even at a monthly average of 17.5 cm of rainfall, summer is relatively drier, with short bursts of afternoon rain and constant humidity , except on the dry southwest coast . Download Google Translate to your phoneNow, I am more proficient than the average traveler when it comes to the Spanish language. I studied abroad in Spain and took eight years of Spanish classes throughout school. However, I hadn’t had to speak Spanish in like, 10 years. So Google Translate was my best friend when I couldn’t figure out a word in a sentence, or what the food item was on the menu.

Booking.com – Search for hotels, hostels, and apartments using this one resource. Use it for flights, car rentals, and airport taxis as well. Flashlight– Bring a parking lot hotel flashlight with you on a bioluminescent bay tour. Starting in 2021, Americans visiting many popular European countries will need to go through the ETIAS process.

You’re definitely going to want to pack adaypackfor Puerto Rico. Ideally, your daypack does double duty as your personal item on travel days. Perfect for the beach, hiking, or shopping around town, your daypack will allow you to travel light while maximizing adventure. Your personal item should be adaypackor small duffle that fits underneath the seat in front of you on an airplane.

As an added bonus these are better for your skin and better for kids because they block the sun and don’t have any chemicals in them. These are just some of my favorite brands and places to find my go-to beach stuff. It does drop at night and there are lows recorded sometimes as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit . If you are planning to head inland to the higher elevations, it will be very humid, but temperatures will be a few degrees cooler.

I usually pack 2-3 skirts with me to throw on over my shorts for a photo lol, but you can wear them all day! For this beach vacation, you will definitely want to pack one in your bag. How much you pack really depends on how many days you are staying, so we are going to start with the essential things you should consider packing for your Puerto Rico vacation. Keep in mind that June through November is hurricane season in Puerto Rico. Plan to have a more flexible schedule and I’d highly recommend getting travel insurance, just in case.