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Wheelchair Lifts for Vans & Cars ADA & Commercial

Thank you WMA for great customer service and for being able to assist me with my order. It will give you the freedom to go wherever you want. We can send carriers all around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, so make sure to send us an email, give us a call. For people using mobility devices, their most frequent travel is by private vehicle. Most often, this is due to more difficulty and inconvenience in using other forms of public transport. Transporting mobility scooters can be tricky, but there are many options designed with the user in mind that will help safely get your scooter from point A to point B.

For this reason, you need a car with solid suspension and a high clearance between the tow bar and the ground. Long-distance buses can also store manual wheelchairs and foldable mobility scooters. But they may not have enough cargo space to stow powered wheelchairs and heavy rigid mobility scooters. Collapsible scooters and wheelchairs can sometimes fit behind the front seats of a car or SUV or utility vehicles that have space behind the seats in the cab.

This will give you the knowledge and confidence to becoming a proficient driver. Thirdly, we’ll travel around your local area on the mobility scooter or power chair. This could be within the village or perhaps down to the local shops. If you’re considering converting your vehicle into a wheelchair accessible vehicle, the 3 options below are perfect solutions for greater accessibility and value.

Superior Van & Mobility has mobility equipment financing! Funds are available to finance the purchase of new or used power wheelchair lifts, mobility scooter carriers, and much more! Please click the button below to learn more or apply today for fast approval.

You can choosebetween inside auto lifts or hoists, outside lifts, or hybrid auto lifts. Ramps work if someone can move the ramp and there is enough space around the vehicle to use it. But in tight spaces or where you don’t have an extra pair of hands, vehicle rampscan pose a problem. We’ll also answer some questions about handling a mobility scooter so that you can decide with more information in hand.

Easy to shop and buy, these bundles come with everything you need to help you safely and securely transport your mobility aid. BraunAbility offers several expertly-designed ADAwheelchair lifts and ramps that are engineered for long-term durability and reliability. A full line of BraunAbility parallel arm ADA wheelchair lifts is also available for both cutaway and paratransit vehicles. BraunAbility also offers under-the-vehicle lifts and bi-fold ramps for cutaway buses.

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If you’re unable to dismantle your scooter or need to travel further than a few blocks, then a mobility scooter carrier is the perfect solution. The UVL855 wheelchair lift1is an expertly-designed ADA wheelchair lift for commercial use. Mounted in the step or other dedicated compartment of the bus, it stays out of sight and out of the way until called upon. The UVL855 wheelchair lifts are fully automatic and operated by an attendant using a hand-held control. The Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift1is the true workhorse of the BraunAbility line of ADA Wheelchair Lifts.