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Why does my text messages to someone say sent via SMS server & not say delivered anymore?

From this post, you can know what does Sent as SMS via server mean and some useful methods for you to stop seeing this message. You may want to know what Sent as SMS via Server means and want to know the reasons for this message’s occurrence. For newer Samsung devices or other Android devices, choose “Remove Screen Lock”, and then click “Start” to begin. If you are looking for a simple and quick way to unlock an Android Phone without a password, the PassFab Android Unlocker is the best choice for the job. Once the repair process is completed, the phone will be ready to use as normal. When the firmware package is downloaded to your computer, tap on the “Repair Now” option to initiate the system repair.

The change in the read receipt occurred because of the RCS messaging protocol rolled out by Google in 2020. Let’s dive in to see find out what “Sent as SMS via Server” means. ReiBoot for Android is the best option for Android users looking for an all-in-one solution to their problems. It’s possible to figure out what is transmitted as SMS via a server as well as how to block it in a variety of ways. Attempting to use your phone in safe mode is an important answer to this problem. It will assist you in determining whether a 3rd application is causing the issue.

The built-in messaging software on Android devices gets powered mainly by this messaging protocol, which enables various cutting-edge capabilities. You may notice Sent as SMS via Server on your phone if you are a regular phone user. If you send a message to someone, and instead of getting a standard read receipt, you get this message, then the message has been sent successfully.

However, a new box named “send SMS via a server” has been added in the most recent version. When a text receipt appears after sending RCS messages, some internet users are trying to figure out just what the message “Sent as SMS via Server” means. If you are a normal phone user, you may see the message “Sent as SMS via Server” on your phone. This message appears when you send a message to someone and instead of getting a regular read receipt, you get this message. For Android device users it is now becoming very common to see this message and wonder what does sent as SMS via server mean on android? Some people also start to fear that sent as sms via server means i’m blocked out from my phone.

Tap on the Settings option and then go to more settings. IPhones have an alternative texting system called iMessage. However, this feature is only available while everyone is chatting. Additionally, iMessage needs an internet connection or access to cellular data.

You should now have your regular text receipts when you send a text message. This can be quite a tedious fix because it needs you to contact the person you are sending the message to also stylish company names go through the process. Go to your apps list and long-press the app of your choice. With RCS, you can send media like pictures and videos in text messages and even have group chats.