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Why haven’t Beyonce and Jay-Z divorced?

From her birth, both Beyoncé and Jay-Z have made it clear that their top priority is protecting the well-being of their daughter Blue Ivy. The couple has not confirmed reports of several media outlets that they are currently engaged in marriage counseling. But if they are, it is possible that with a concerted effort on the part of both parties and the help of a marriage counselor, the couple will be able to resolve ay marital woes they may be facing.

Your specific situation will be particular to you and your marriage and the way your life was set up during the marriage. This might mean major financial decisions regarding retirement funds, property, child support and custody, and alimony. A divorce attorney will work with you to help you decide how you want to tackle these elements of your marriage and divorce, while also providing guidance and is the man spot still married support. They will be able to lead you through the process while keeping you from procrastination and caving into pressure. They’ll also be able to help ensure you meet all the required timelines while ensuring that you get a fair case and trial should you need to go to court. Lastly, they’ll be able to help you find the freedom and new life you are seeking – one that is entirely on your terms.

Through their initiatives they have encouraged Meat Free Mondays and they have contributed to a book that aims to educate everyday people on the health benefits of a plant based diet. Other Hip-Hop celebs such as Jermaine Dupri are also heavily involved and have been truly following these diets for years. An Us Weekly cover story declares that Beyoncé is ready to end it, but later on Mathew Knowles says that the rumors are a “Jedi mind trick” cooked up by Jay and Bey in order to sell On the Run tickets.

On Oct. 17, Jay headlines his third annual Tidal x Brooklyn benefit concert, raising money for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. While Bey attended, walking the carpet in support of the event, she didn’t join her rapper hubby onstage when he performed their duet “Bonnie and Clyde.” Later that month, the couple attended both the Grammys (where Bey put on a show-stopping, goddess-inspired performance) and a pre-Oscars party, where the singer showed off her growing bump in multiple fitted ensembles.

If the spouse seeking the temporary order is the same spouse that is filing the petition, they should file the temporary order at the same time. If the spouse seeking the temporary order did not file the petition, they need to file their request for the temporary order as soon as possible. While we don’t know who “Becky with the good hair” is, we do know now why the music power couple stayed together despite Hov’s infidelity. Here’s more on that and also a few other interesting things Jay-Z revealed about their marriage, including his feelings on masculinity .

Jay Z alluded to Beyonce as his soulmate and has always said they will remain together for years. Beyonce Jay Z is a power couple who have been together for several decades. They have created a successful business empire in the music industry.

Since the rumors of the recorded tape have surfaced, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the couple may be preparing for a separation in the near future. Beyonce added more fuel to the fire when she released a statement to the press expressing her own humiliation at the claims. While the video has yet to be leaked to the press, it is clear is that the scandal is placing even further pressure on the already strained marriage between the rapper and his wife of five years, Beyonce Knowles.

CBSAn exciting announcement that came out of the interview is that the couple has been working on an album together. To the delight of many fans, Jay confirmed the rumors that he and Beyoncé have collaborated on a joint album and teased that they have a lot of tracks to be released. Beyoncé’s Lemonade special airs on HBO and the album goes on sale after a mysterious, week-long promo campaign. The lyrics in songs like “Hold Up,” “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “Sorry” hint at infidelity and a marriage in crisis, while “Sand Castles” and “All Night” are about redemption, forgiveness and a renewed bond.

“Our cues are be a man, stand up, don’t cry … I want to be open, I want to have the emotional tools it takes to keep my family together,” said Jay-Z. While it’s certainly not an excuse for cheating, it’s good that the rapper acknowledged the way masculinity is addressed in young men — hopefully, this informs his own parenting. He also said that he felt it was right for Lemonade to be released prior to his album so Bey could “go first and share her truth.” The rapper added that he is “proud” of all the success and the high marks the album received.

“They were both beyond excited about how the tour went, but they were also tired. They just needed a little break and are back to talking about new projects.” A week later, the superstar couples stunned fans in London and around the world by releasing a new joint album called Everything Is Love. The nine-track LP, which lists the powerhouse couple simply as The Carters, is currently only available to stream on Tidal.