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Wiffle Ball Rules

Each succeeding inning, the pitcher shall be allowed 5 warm-up pitches. ROSTER – Teams shall carry a minimum of two and no more than 6 players on their roster. PROTESTING GAMES – In an protested games, the decision of the Association President or Tournament Director is final.

C) The device of claim 1 can also being used in WIFFLE® ball games and tournaments as an objective umpire in calling “balls” and “strikes” instead of other currently-used inferior strikezone designs. Referring to the drawings, an embodiment of the WiffleNet according to the present invention comprises of an elliptical-shaped synthetic fabric with a flat backstop that contains a strikezone aperture embedded therein. The base is preferably best 3 wheel pitching machine six feet (6′) wide and the height of the backstop is preferably six feet (6′) tall. The elliptical shape is formed and supported by a collapsible and coilable frame member or flat wire , which can be collapsed by twisting, folding and/or bending while still retaining its original elliptical shape . The coilable and collapsible nature of the member facilitates pop-up assembly, disassembly and portability of the invention.

Made of high-grade solid color PVC with a Blue Vinyl backstop. All BALLS and STRIKES are designated by the “hole” in the backstop. If the ball goes through the hole, it is considered a strike, even if it hits the side of the hole first. If the ball does not go through the hole, and is not swung at by the batter, it is considered a ball. A pitched ball that hits the batter is also considered a ball, although the batter must attempt to avoid being hit. If a batter has 2 strikes on him, and foul tips the ball through the hole, it is considered strike 3.

• How many Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone Nets are needed for a regulation baseball field? There needs to be one net for every regulation baseball field. 17″ x 24″ Width equal to actual strike zone in baseball. All runners automatically advance the same number of bases as the batter. Any fair ball that touches on, or goes beyond the triple line on a fly is a triple.

The coilable member has two ends to form a closed loop , which is enclosed in a cylindrical shell containing the coilable member which permits it to axially rotate. The frame is preferably formed with a single 360-degree twist, particularly when it is formed from a flat stock. The coilable member can form overlapping loops by a slight manual enforcement thereon when the support means is detached for disassembly of the WiffleNet.

5, the collapsible and coilable frame member 5 forms overlapping loops as it axially rotates over itself to enable it to be continuously coiled, becomes semi-elliptical in shape when fully unfurled. The collapsible and coilable frame member 5 is around twenty-five feet (25′) in total length , and is attached to the connector and connecting rods in its fully-assembled state by attachments at the ends and sides of the backstop 5. The resting position of the collapsible and coilable frame member resiliently urges it back towards the shape of the backstop’s perimeter at full assembly, as shown in FIGS.