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Wisconsin Family Law Attorneys Trusted Divorce Lawyers

Contact our team today to get connected to one of the most qualified attorneys in the state. Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether or not to follow through with divorce proceedings, so if you need professional legal has dominique sachse divorce counsel, contact Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. It is always worth hiring a divorce attorney if you need the peace of mind before filing. In the state of Wisconsin you have the option to jointly file the divorce petition.

If a man discovers, for example, that his wife has been lying about an extensive criminal past , or that she was never formally divorced from a former spouse, he may file for an annulment rather than a divorce. Outside of this requirement, legal separation is reversible, while divorce is not. Once you have been declared divorced from a former spouse, there is no going back.

Its attorneys handle collaborative, mediated, and contested divorce cases. They help spouses fix disputes relating to property division, alimony, custody, and child support. Additionally, they work with individuals dealing with bankruptcy matters. Karen Zimmermann, the senior counsel, acts as a Guardian ad Litem. She has been in practice since 1982 and is a member of the Association for Women Lawyers.

The last thing we want you to experience is a lengthy divorce because the papers were never filed correctly. There are several distinctions between divorce and separation. Experienced attorney who can assist you with ending your relationship respectfully and successfully. Whether paternity is established by acknowledgement or only after genetic tests, we are here to help you through the process from start to finish. Kelly practices throughout Northeast Wisconsin, including Outagamie, Brown, Calumet, Winnebago, Waupaca, and the surrounding counties.

Contact us for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your family anddivorce lawneeds. Eisenberg Law will keep you informed of your custodial and placement rights as a parent while keeping in mind the best interests of your children. Whether you are seeking sole custody or joint custody, primary or shared placement or visitation, Eisenberg Law can help you achieve the best result for your case.

They will listen to you and work with you to reduce the financial and emotional costs of divorce. The staff can assist you in taking the most constructive and cost-effective steps forward. With the greatest degree of personal care and professional experience, they provide advisory legal representation and impartial mediation services.

Answers to your questions about divorce in Wisconsin that we hear all the time. You should hear back from an attorney within one business day. A father can get full custody if the other parent is proven unfit to take care of the child. When a parent is deemed unfit, they typically pose a threat to the child’s safety or mental health. You can either write a response and counterclaim within 20 days after being served, or ignore the papers all together and the divorce will continue by default. Now, Kirsten is excited to join the innovative team at Sterling Hughes and practice Family Law full time.