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Wiz Khalifa talks about his 5-year-long journey into MMA with Logan Paul

Simply enough, you’d have to pay Wiz Khalifa a whole bunch of money to get him to put his face on the line in a fight, but he still trains with the best, because it’s fun. And that includes UFC champion Tyron Woodley, who according to TMZ is “very impressed” with Khalifa’s fighting prowess. The renowned rapper said that he’s open to jiu jitsu, wrestling, striking… With the rise of celebrity fights, and with Logan Paul on the other side, there are possibilities that we may see Khalifa getting into the cage for a celebrity MMA fight. Khalifa, who would rap about his weight on previous albums, reportedly went from 140 pounds to 175 pounds because of the work he put in at the gym. The rapper went on to add that all his time in the gym meant increasing the amount of food he eats.

He spoke about how he got into this training while a guest on the IMPAULSIVE podcast with Logan Paul. They always bleep or mute the rapper’s names but sometimes you can lip read and one i watched last night, her name is Cora. The end of the video she is being interviewed with cum still on her chin and she said her name is Cora from Beverly Hills and she was there for the Wiz Khalifa music video. “I love watching and definitely something I think about, but for now I’m happy as an owner. Could one of those celebrity crossovers be Khalifa himself?

In an interview with Bleacher Report, the once 60-kilogram rapper revealed that he’s put on 15 kilograms since picking up mixed-martial arts. Wiz Khalifa might be the newest celebrity to cross over to combat sports. Other UFC fighters, along with Khalifa’s legendary trainer, think he was a real shot if he ever decided to go pro and devote all his energy to his training. In a TMZ video posted a couple weeks back, O’Malley says he thinks it’s awesome that Wiz is training, but still thinks the rapper would have no chance, “like zero,” in a real fight.

Wiz KhalifaAfter hearing the stand of Wiz, his business partner, and CEO of Professional Fighters League, Peter Murray was very welcoming of the idea. The CEO said he wouldn’t mind which kind of bout it is, he would certainly encourage the superstar to make his debut. Wiz also performed his song “Million Dollar Moment” at the PFL Championship event on October 27.

Bellator have consistently said they’re open to the Paul’s being involved at some point, but who knows if they’ll ever take that offer up. Come fight for $1 million dollars,” the Black and Yellow artist said, putting out a casual offer to Logan. Wiz Khalifa was a guest on episode 357 of imPaulsive when he floated the idea of Logan getting involved with the PFL – Professional Fight League – an MMA promotion that the rapper is involved with. His dream of fighting in the UFC might be on ice after Dana White said he’s not considering matchmaking a fight for him at the minute, but there are other options. PFL and Khalifa have recently partnered together and now Khalifa has gone on record about a possible debut with the organization.

For at least a year, Wiz Khalifa has been training in the martial art of Muay Thai. The full contact combat form has catapulted into popularity thanks to professional bouncy jog and snog UFC fighters. For many years, martial arts training has been used by numerous athletes to either pick a fight or improve their physical condition.

When YouTuber boxing events exploded in popularity back in 2018, Logan Paul was right at the forefront of things. Even though he’s not been fighting as regularly as his brother Jake or business partner KSI, he’s still been dabbling in combat sports. So, what exactly are the practices that the wiz khalifa martial artists do? So first, you have to learn how to defend yourself, then you have to learn how to defend yourself. Wiz’s training methods focus on the idea of being a “good person.” They are rooted in the philosophy of self-awareness. So while it may seem silly to think that a person can become a good person by training in martial arts, it is in fact true.

Everyone who has seen them seems to think Khalifa would make an excellent pro MMA fighter. The 35-year-old was first reported to be training a few years ago when viral videos of him kickboxing went viral. Now, in a chat with Logan Paul, he’s opened up about what the fight game means to him and why he opted to get involved. The art of training in MMA, or any form of combat sports, is something that can enlighten lives in a way that very few other things can.

“Because he’s in it and his work ethic is ridiculous,” Glazer explains. Still, Glazer admits that a career switch isn’t very likely. And that’s because Khalifa is lucky enough to be able to make his money without taking kicks and punches to the face. In fact, O’Malley offers a simple reason why he thinks Khalifa would lose in a UFC fight. Khalifa trains under eighth-degree Coral belt Rigan Machado. Machado is the nephew of Carlos Gracie, one of the founders of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and was one of the first to teach the sport in the United States.

One of them is the multi-platinum-selling artist, Wiz Khalifa. And recently, he posted a training clip of himself, showcasing his MMA chops and the fans are rendered speechless over it. Wiz Khalifa is a martial arts actor, so it’s no surprise that he uses his body as a tool. His training methods are not only about being a badass, they’re also rooted in the philosophy of self-awareness. His training methods, specifically his martial arts training methods, give him a holistic and balanced approach to being a good person.