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Her teachings hold the possibility of accessing inner peace and a life filled with clarity, joy, and connection. Marianne practices at her clinic, Austin Naturopathic. She’s a speaker, teacher, radio show host and guest, mother of three and lives in Wimberley, Texas. A two-time author, business and life coach, professional speaker and certified trainer, Linda Schwader teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business exponentially while living a healthy, vibrant, and exceptional life. She has uncovered a few simple changes in health and lifestyle that have radically changed her clients’ mindsets and how they live and feel.

For more information on her services, go to irockresumes.com. Also, connect with her on social media @irockresumes, and on LinkedIn @Nickquolette Barrett. Nickquolette works with clients in all disciplines at various stages of their career.

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She speaks on the topics of your ultimate morning routine and self-care. Lorie owns a Dallas law firm that primarily focuses on estate what sim card does blu phone use planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and probate. She engages in civic and community organizations and advocacy.