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Find something below that fits your brand, mix in some creativity, and come up with some posts to help your brand or your favourite cause. In this engaging activity, students create a hashtag for the important people in the thirteen British colonies. Students will have to show that they understand the unique role each of these individuals or groups played during this time period. Once they have created all of the hashtags, students complete a quick write explaining how one of their hashtags would have been effective. In this engaging activity, students create a hashtag for the important people involved in the American Revolution. Students will have to show that they understand the unique role each of these individuals played during this time period.

Together, their new ideas, methods, technological enhancements and advancements, and collective vision carry on a tradition which operates to elevate the character and quality of life of all people, everywhere. She then asked her followers to share their experiences using #WhyIStayed, and soon the hashtag became a movement, raising awareness about the ugly power dynamics of domestic abuse, shedding light on experiences of survivors and creating a community of support. From lighting buildings and landmarks in orange and hosting events decked in the color, we call on everyone around the world to take action to raise awareness and prevent violence against women and girls. In 2014, Actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson invited men to join the movement for gender equality by taking part in the #HeForShe campaign.

According to the United Nations, International Women’s Day started in America in 1909, when the Socialist Party of America took to the streets to honor garment workers who had protested against inhumane working conditions the year before. The following year, the Social International established Women’s Day in Copenhagen to celebrate those working for women’s rights and universal suffrage. Whether you celebrate by supporting women-owned businesses or give your friends International Women’s Day flowers, it’s a great day to celebrate. When you check out the discovery page for this powerful International Women’s Day hashtag, you’ll notice a lot of text-based content. Post real images of yourself or your team so you can stand out from the competition. Make sure to include actionable advice on how your audience can also think like a boss.

This encounter changed the teen’s perspective on her, and referred to her as the ‘cool cop’ for the rest of her time on the job. The hashtag #NotYourAsianSidekick was initiated by Suey Park and Juliet Shen in December 2013 on Twitter. Suey Park is a freelance writer who is most known for her Twitter campaign to cancel the Colbert Show, while Juliet Shen ran a blog on Asian American feminism. They started the hashtag town hall as a way to create a platform for structured conversation around misogyny and issues specific to Asian American women. In less than 24 hours, #NotYourAsianSidekick had been used over 45,000 times.

International Women’s Day is all about empowering fellow females as they learn how to step into their power. This hashtag is the perfect way to catch the attention of people searching for inspiring posts, on this holiday and throughout the year. On September 19, 2018, the Ele Não movement (“Ele Não” is Portuguese for “not him”), also known as the protests the haves and have nots episodes against Jair Bolsonaro, were demonstrations led by women which took place in several regions of Brazil and the world. The main goal was to protest against Bolsonaro and his presidential campaign and his sexist declarations. The Black Lives Matter movement calls for an end to police brutality and the killings of African-Americans in the U.S.