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Wood Elf Name Generator + 79 Name Suggestions

They are a peculiar race, well worthy of a more careful examination. I find them fun to play when I’m looking for a nice mixture of roleplaying and fighting capabilities. For example, your character’s parents might have been in love, but still, interact romantically with other elves. Such freedom could have influenced the name they gave your character. In fact, your character might have been given a first name only.

Evaliir, meaning “song”, is a good high elf name for a lover of music. You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. This DnD Elf name generator will help you find the right name for your character. However, they are a prominent race in the fantasy universe.

Lives alone in the forest, although animals keep her company. Knows certain forgotten nature magic, but hesitates to use it. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Elves are some of the most popular fantasy creatures in modern and ancient cultures.

Did you find this list of female elf names useful? Check out this post on over 500 male elf name ideas. Also, if you love fantasy stories, then you’ll love this fantasy book title generator and our list of fantasy character names. It is also possibnle that Suface drow will adopt a mix of but Drow and Suface elf name traditions.

Just click on male wood elf names or female wood elf names button as your requirement. Now you need to select anyone for your character and copy it. Due to popular demand, we have created this whole post dedicated to female elf names. This post is based on our master list of over 1,000 random elf names we posted a few weeks ago. Are other wood elf names, and our wood elf name generator will give even more ideas.

As a result, their names tend to be based on nature, animals, or plants. These names are not always as poetic as they sound. For example, there are some that are simply named for the forest where they reside.

Typically, there are about 500 different names for this group. Unlike most elf names, there is no set formula for making one. However, they do usually follow names for fb profile the same pattern. You can find names such as Imra, Jandar, and Tarasynora. The first thing you should know about wood elves is that they are not all alike.

When you pick a name for your male elf, think about their personality and style. For example, the name ‘Garrik’ means ‘one who fights with a spear’. This is highly unusual for an elf so makes a great name for a rebellious male elf that likes to get his hands dirty in battle. On the flipside, ‘Thalien’ relates to comedy or comic poetry. An elf-like this would be a comic sort of character in a story, similar to a jester. His battle skills won’t be any good, but he’ll be good at pranks which could be ill-willed.

Hit generator to generate random Wood Elf Name content. This name would work for a male elf who is beautiful yet sharp, like the facets of a diamond. Though he shines like a star, he has the strength to strike down his enemies in battle. Elverquisst, “elven wine” is a funny name for an elf who is more at home in a tavern than in the palaces of the high elves. Dark elves have names which sound a little harsher than those of the other clans. A dark elf name should convey a sense of the more brutal nature of these elves.

They prefer, as their name would suggest, to live in the woods and forests. To start generating names for wood elves, click on the button below. You can use the toggle to switch between genders if you need to. The names are not based on any pre-existing fantasy universe so the should be unique sounding. If anyone has some better ideas and some feedback, leave some comments below. Wood Elves are very much the same as regular elves.