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World of Beer Hilton Head, Hilton Head Island, SC

The atmosphere reminded me of every other sports bar that college kids go to. Big beer signs on the walls, assorted other junk, underaged waitresses and hostesses feeling too important… Didn’t realize that this was on the site. We stopped in here over the summer while on vacation. I was initially excited after learning that there was a brewpub on the island, and we had a dd. I was hoping for some tasty microbrews, since all the other places we had been to had Bud cans and dudes singing the same songs on guitars.

When walking in you see a stand with tee shirts and other gifts. We walked to the bar area which had totally science .github.io a load of stools. Game area is in the back, and the brewing area is clearly visable from the bar.

We retreated to the back deck which overlooked a little lagoon, and set in to the IPAs. To our dismay, the IPA was around the same quality as the Porter I sampled. It was off, tasted metallic, and seemed like more of a beginner’s homebrew than something that would come from a Brewing Company. Secondly, the bartender was so aloof and uninteresting it was bothersome. As we do with any brew pub where we do not have house-favorites, we ordered a sampler so I could find that one jewels in HHBC’s crown of offerings. If you come to the island, stop here just so you see I’m not exaggerating– then walk next door to The Lodge.

It looked good, dark, a decent head on on the small sample, but the taste did not match. It was metallic, off-tasting, and generally off. My Dad and I opted for two pints of the IPA. The place wasn’t easy to find, but, after spending some days on the island, I learned that this wasn’t uncommon. It’s not that it is hidden, it’s that Hilton Head seams to have standards around the island on how your business can be located/situated on the pristine landscape…I actually enjoyed this aspect. HHBC must be someone’s tax shelter or money laundromat, because they ain’t payin’ the bills here by making & selling craft beer.

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The food was not great and the service was poor. We pointed out a cock roach crawling around by our table to our waiter who promptly stepped on it. I only hope there were not more in the kitchen.

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The bartender wasnt interested in offering me another selection so I paid and got the hell out there. Easy to locate on the main drag of Hilton Head. Bigger specialty food store, compared with the nearby Whole Foods, the beer selection is a bit better particularly for local beers, though the single selection is worse, and just mix a six.

Almost tapping our beers into chilled glassware, I immediately found myself walking down to the other side of the bar to stop our bartender. She didn’t even understand why I wanted non-chilled glasses but this was okay. Came here merely to enjoy local beer from a Brewing Company I haven’t visited yet. Came with two other friends while staying in the Sea Pines Resort. Casey the bartender was very friendly and seemed like she really has made a respectable effort to learn about the beers.