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WORST Self Defense GURU or GENIUS? . D.U.S.T Broke the Internet!!!

And if that means that they look for someone that’s credible in their local area to teach them how to defend themselves, good on him. So, I think he has genuine intention to help people and “increase your survivability” and that’s his catch line to increase survivability. And you can’t knock anybody who wants to increase survivability for their community.

The only way Hurwitz-Goodman added drama was by his “love” questions. Not to mention the director, whose voice is heard asking questions, pries into the team members’ personal lives in an inorganic manner. During an interview regarding the history of DTM, Hurwitz-Goodman begins to question founder Dale Brown’s love life.

A gun without one in the chamber is also known as a rock. Try racking the slide when you’re tangled up in your seatbelt, or you’ve just been knocked to the ground. The tactic of trying to get out of that circle and move to the outside is spot on. I mean, I would say he’s probably taking it from one of my videos. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

When Brown did open up, he expressed some coldness towards relationships. If this film had been psychoanalysis of these crime defenders, this approach would have made sense. However, DTM’s most pivotal moments were overshadowed by the dysfunctional lives of the guards themselves. The documentary begins with a local news reporter and her cameraman filming a story of a missing child and how DTM helped reunite the child with its mother. Although it moved slowly, the tone was light, poking fun at the media and their news approach without taking away from the importance and severity of the situation or DTM.

I have seen first hand when they have provided protection to women as they travel to and from court dates because of abusive men. I have also seen, first hand again, when they were able to retrieve a young infant that was taken away from the child’s mother by a renowned drug dealer in the Detroit area. Ment confrontations that are only now being rolled out to police departments. I recommend them without reservation to individuals, communities and municipalities who require a proactive, intelligent approach to security. Clearly a giant SCAM ripping off inexperienced people of Detroit. These techniques are not applicable or reasonable to use in any defense situation.

Users have not only reacted to these TikToks hilariously but also re-shared Dale’s videos across different social media platforms, widely discussing his methods of training. While many are curious to find Dale on TikTok, the trainer doesn’t have his own profile. But, all of his training videos are shared on Detroit Threat Management’s official handle. The Self-defense guy, aka Detroit Urban Survival training guy, has broken the Internet once again after Odell Beckham Jr. took inspiration from Dale Brown’s viral video to celebrate his first Rams score. The film also revealed that VIPERS are never armed, even though they have a difficult time admitting it. Since the meaning of the film is to examine what DTM does, who is involved and how it affects the community, it was an uncomfortable, tawdry approach.

In the time it takes the instructor to draw, rack a round, and sight his target using the Israeli technique, the rest of us carrying with a round in the chamber could have drawn and sighted. And if the defender had spent their time practicing dry fire training and at the range, there is no increased danger of uncontrolled firing. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen some of the “self-defense” videos from Dale Brown of Detroit Urban Survival. He posts some questionable tactics that quickly go viral. They are usually good for a quick laugh, but honestly, a lot of it seems like it could get people hurt or killed if they used them in a real-life situation. Brown continued to post to YouTube throughout the 2010s.

They have provided excellent training to staff and to students in Ann Arbor that has proven superior to all other companies. They are leaders living bing website reviews in educating academia in the field of security. Our organization has an excellent reputation within the City of Detroit since 1993.

Dale Brown was also parodied by Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson in mid-December 2021, as well as impersonated in an Odell Beckham Jr. touchdown celebration. This can all be seen in a FOX 2 Detroit YouTube video about Dale Brown and D.U.S.T. posted to the platform on December 17th, receiving roughly 48,800 views over one month . On January 20th, 2022, Cr1TiKaL finally met up with Dale Brown, posting a tweet that day including a picture of him pointing a gun at Brown, earning roughly 190,200 likes in less than 24 hours . Although D.U.S.T. went viral in mid-2021 on Instagram, Brown was first active on YouTube, posting content as early as 2009.

In 2012, Commander Brown, and the Detroit Threat Management Center served on the panel with Detroit Branch of the NAACP. This session for youths was borne out of the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin. The NAACP conducted “Cops & Stops,” a two-hour interactive session at Cobo Center that aimed to prevent deadly street encounters like the one that took Trayvon Martin’s life. This same year, in December, Commander Brown and the Detroit Threat Management Center helped in a training program for the Detroit police department sponsored by FEMA.